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Flamenco Marbella

Flamenco Marbella

4.9 (91 reviews)
4.9 (91 reviews)
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Edf. Segovia, C. Camilo José Cela, 12, Local 11, 29602 Marbella (Málaga) - Spain | View map
60 min
50 people
3 performers
3 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Flamenco Marbella was formed by the award-winning Flamenco Benalmádena team. Well known for its fantastic shows, the performances have now moved to center of Marbella making the venue is the ideal place to enjoy a unique and authentic flamenco. Flamenco Marbella is for not only Flamenco fans but both local and international who want to experience Traditional Flamenco.

Flamenco Marbella presents its show “Flamenco Tradicional”. The show lasts for more than an hour and features a cast of three to four artists. The performance is executed in a traditional way: personal and different from other shows. In Flamenco Marbella, the art is original and natural as it comprises an intimate setting with no special effects or choreography. Flamenco is a living form of art. Flamenco Marbella improvises the art of Flamenco in the moment. Just like in Traditional Flamenco, they perform by their heart to bring out the best for everyone.

All artists are strictly selected and professional who have studied in the city of Seville, the cradle of flamenco. Now they are carrying out a flamenco experience in the heart of the Costa del Sol.


We really loved this show. Asami is a wonderful flamenco artist with great technique and a huge personality. A very engaging performance and all round great night out. Asami introduces and gives information about some of the numbers in English, super interesting! The venue is simple and has a relaxed and convivial atmosphere in a trendy half-basement bar in a lovely area of Marbella. Get there early to sit in the front row (comfy rattan couches) or if you prefer a tall bar stool you will be seated in the second row. Excellent view of the performers from all the seating. Drinks and nibbles available from the bar with table service. Highly recommended.
It's a small venue, which in turn makes the performance intimate. She is amazing. The control she has shows her experience. The guitarist I could listen to all day and the singer was very good. This was so worth it. Great experience. Please get your tickets in advance.
MUST SEE!! The performance consisted of Asami, a singer, and a guitarist. ALL absolute professionals. All in perfect synch. Asami plunged into the emotion of each dance and brought us all to tears, in a great way! The show is in an intimate setting like the origens of Flamenco. Searching "Flamenco Marbella" will take you right to it, then just go down the stairs and you'll see the doors to the right. We loved the show! Asami and the musicians are wonderful ambassadors of this beautiful craft!
I recently watched this brilliant flamenco show and can't recommend it enough! The performers were incredibly talented and the atmosphere was electric. The music was so vibrant and the dancing was mesmerizing. A cosy atmosphere, with a bar and snacks offered. The location is very easy to find, with lots of local parking and the show is the perfect length for kids to fully enjoy with a short interval. Asami is a real star, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to experience something authentic, local and truly special. Five stars! I’ll be back !!
An absolute must!!! I was unsure what I was going to see as I intended for my mother, I was absolutely blown away at the talent involved, the venue and how amazing and kind everyone was. This is a very intimate and personal show. It's perfect to take in some raw Spanish culture. Very entertaining and engaging with the audience. Small venue very personal very nice. Thank you also much!!!!
Most amazing show with unbelievable speed and precision. Musically a dream. Wonderful hosts. Takes place in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, almost your living room. An experience you don't want to miss.
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