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Jaleos Jondos

Jaleos Jondos

4 (42 reviews)
4 (42 reviews)
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Calle de Cedaceros, 7, 28014 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
70 min
254 people
10 performers
10 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Jaleos Jondos is a flamenco project that pushes the boundaries of traditional flamenco forms. The shows are presented in the opulent Teatro Magno located in the heart of Madrid, between the Plaza del Sol and the Museo Nacional del Prado. The performances, which take place Wednesdays through Sundays, are created and performed by an exquisite cast consisting of dancer Carmela Greco, Saul Quiros and Montse Cortes on vocals, as well as Antonio Sanchez on guitar.

The shows presented by Jaleos Jondos are a journey composed of four seasons of the year, a fascinating movement through the 12 palos (forms) of flamenco. Each season includes specific styles that symbolize it and transmit its emotions and feelings. In addition, this journey allows the public to contemplate the evolution of flamenco over three centuries, from its most traditional forms to the innovations and fusions of today, but always preserving the essence of this art. 

Exclusively for groups: The unique and moving experience offered by Jaleos Jondos can be completed with a gastronomic element that is also unique. There is a choice of the tapas menu or "4 Seasons" menu that reflects the concept of the show and is inspired by the history of flamenco, recognized as a world cultural heritage.


I didn't have many expectations and yet I loved it. The staging, the atmosphere, the mix of ages... pleasantly surprised. The couple that sings, both amazing.... But he made me hallucinate All super good...many successes. The bad thing is that there is no wardrobe and the drinks are quite expensive.
It's an incredible show. I will repeat without a doubt. Wonderful work of coordination and determination. A fusion of ages, styles, cultures always linked to flamenco. I don't give a 5 because the ones in the 1st and 2nd amphitheater are benches and it is not very comfortable. The incredible participants!!! I recommend it without any doubt
I just left the show and what it boils down to is that I felt cheated. First of all, the location they gave us was on the stage right behind the musicians, with seats free, so we spent 45 minutes only seeing the backs of the singers. As for the show itself, it is not flamenco... It is a strange mix that does not transmit what it should. Graceless choreographies and very little pure flamenco. To save something, the young boy is the one who stood out a little. If you want to see flamenco this is not the place.
A very interesting proposal. The staging seemed very original, delicate, with taste. Very professional dancers, singers and musicians. Nice costume. Very good attention from the theater staff. Congratulations to all the team!!!!
Original, enjoyable, surprising. Maybe it's not for flamenco fans, but I think the objective of the show is different. The singers, wonderful. The guitarist and the percussionist, too. Very expensive drinks. €5 for water
Very nice, a new way of seeing flamenco, Ami seemed like a gypsy party, we loved it, we will definitely repeat because we surely missed something
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