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Tablao Las Carboneras

Tablao Las Carboneras

4.7 (1728 reviews)
4.7 (1728 reviews)
from 45.00 €
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Calle del Conde de Miranda, 1, 28005 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa
20:00 | 22:00
60 min
100 people
8 performers
8 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Situated in the heart of the center of Madrid, very close to the Plaza Mayor and the San Miguel Market, the Tablao Las Carboneras was created in the style of the old establishments known as café cantantes: intimate venues dedicated to quality flamenco to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. To create the perfect flamenco atmosphere the venue is dedicated to showing photography, paintings, sketches and others artwork from well known national and international flamenco artists such as Candy Román, Ari Alexis Patacuás, Juan Herrera and Shin Yamasawa. Special events such as lectures on flamenco music, dance and singing are also arranged for (by special request).

Tablao Las Carboneras hosts nightly flamenco shows from Monday through Sunday. From Sunday to Thursday the flamenco shows start at 20:30 (Dinner: 19:30) and 22:30 (Dinner: 22:00). On Friday and Saturday the flamenco shows start at 20:30 (Dinner: 19:30) and 23:00 (Dinner: 22:00). The perfromances are of approximately one hour’s length and include eight regular artists - two guitarists, two singers and two dancers - as well as a featured artist which changes every fifteen days. Some of the performers who have been featured include Ángel Gabarre, Montse Cortés, los Hermanos Trenviño, Juan Soto, Arcadio Marín, José Antonio Suárez "El Canito", Ana Romero, Oscar Tellez and more.

A wide range of menu options are available in the full service restaurant. They include multiple course dinners, focusing on traditional Spanish dishes with touches of new, creative and innovative cuisine.


Visited 14.02.2023 For 70 euros /person I had dinner and watched the show. Drinks were included, the food was very good. The show impressed me a lot, it was my first time watching flamenco and it was different from what I expected. It's not just dancing. I saw despair, anger, tiredness and a wish to distract from it, passion, everything but espetic pop dancing shown on TV. There was so much pain in the singing and tenderness in the guitar playing. It is definitely worth watching to see traditional Spanish flamenco... The staff in the restaurant speaks fluent English. The location is convenient, 5 minutes on foot from a bus stop.
I’ve seen flamenco shows before. This was my first in Spain. And holy cow was it amazing. What I’ve seen before is usually a guitarist and a dancer. This has a guitarist, 2 singers and 4 dancers. You can feel the passion they all bring to the show! I had goosebumps the entire time. If you’re in Madrid, this is a must do!!!!
I've never enjoyed a live performance this much! My bf and I went for the hour performance and we absolutely loved it! Better to get there a little earlier if you want good seats but we got decent seats so I was very happy. We got a complimentary drink and an appetizer, but we were pretty hungry so we ordered more jamon (can't go wrong). I felt the dancers passion and all of their emotions through their dance; couldn't get enough! The hostess and our server knew English so that was very helpful. I highly recommend this flamenco show!
It was a perfect introduction to our week in Madrid. What a show! Awesome dancing, singing and music. I had goosebumps all through the show, only wished I could have joined the dancing although I can't dance. So passionate and very emotional. The dancers were totally oblivious to the audience, they were in the moment of their dance. We appreciated the informal conversation after the show win the dancers. We learnt so much about flamenco. They had a special vegan dinner prepared for me. Thank you.
So very happy we went here to experience wonderful Flamenco. You can see the intense passion of the dancer. Hear the intensity of the singers and guitarist. The connection between them all flows from 1 to another. They have a question and answer period afterwards that was fun. For sure you should go and enjoy!
We got the diner, drink and show package. Which got us a table that was in front of the stage. The dancers were very experienced and wonderfully passionate about their craft. The guitar player was also very good. The food was tasty and plentiful, as well as the drinks. The restaurant is clean and, the severs are fast with good vibes. Me and my friends absolutely loved the whole experience!! Next time we’re in Madrid, we’ll definitely come see them again.
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