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Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo

Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo

4.4 (659 reviews)
4.4 (659 reviews)
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Calle de Josefa Díaz, 4, 28038 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Th, Fr, Sa
60 min
60 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo is a relaxed and welcoming tablao which attracts both locals and the more adventurous tourists looking to try an authentic Spanish experience. The venue offers tickets with a short flamenco workshop, dinner and a flamenco show, serving as the perfect introduction to some of Spain’s most famous cultural traditions. There is also the option of the flamenco show only with drink.

For those who choose the option with the workshop and dinner, the night in Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo begins with a 45 minute flamenco introduction given in English and/or Spanish. Following the class guests enjoy dinner followed by the flamenco show. Featuring a minimum of 4 artists, the performance typically includes a guitarist, singer and two dancers. The shows are always spontaneous thanks to the constant rotation of some of Madrid’s best local flamenco musicians, dancers and singers.

Offering quality at a reasonable price, Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo presents a neighborhood atmosphere where the emphasis is on making their guests feel "at home". The three course dinner menu offers a choice of homemade dishes accompanied by specially selected wines.  Inside, the typical Andalusian ambiance reminds guests of the romantic Spain where the sun always shines and where gypsies dance in colourful dresses to the rhythms of flamenco guitar.


Great experience and dancers! Highly recommended!
My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed this show. The team provided a ver authentic, traditional flamenco experience. Highly recommend!
Our family had a wonderful experience here! We booked a workshop + show + dinner via Viator/Visit A City and had a blast! Very easy to get to. Straight shot on line 1 metro from the train station right to the area and then a 1 min walk. What we loved was how intimate and personal the experience was. The workshop helped us really understand the culture and musicality and history of flamenco. We learned so much and got to try it ourselves! So fun! My only regret was not dancing more with my daughters on stage during the workshop! The dancers and musicians were incredible. Truly have a passion for their art. It was an immersive experience and one I will recommend again and again! A highlight of our trip to Madrid!
Fabulous performance! We enjoyed the passion in each of the dancers, the singer and the guitarist. Very glad we came here.
Tickets and website all say in English and Spanish that showtime is at 20:30, and absolutely no mention of opening hours. We arrived at around 20:10 and the show started at 21:20. In the middle they said "now a 5 minute break". We would have left if we knew it was going to take more than 15... Wife was able to join the workshop, which would have been a waste of money as there is zero dancing involved - it was just a lecture and demonstration, not a workshop. Would give 4 or 5 for the actual show, but sadly everything surrounding it makes it hard to enjoy or plan an evening around it.
The ticket said that the show time is at 8:30 PM. We arrived a good time before only to find out that the show time is actually at 9 PM. Explanation is that they are waiting for the locals to arrive. There was an option to attend a workshop where you were supposed to learn basic flamenco steps and rhythms. I enjoy dancing as a hobby so of course I was excited. Turns out it was a 30 minute lecture about flamenco, where we didn't dance one single step but did one rhythm... The show didn't start at 9 PM, instead it started at 9:20 PM after I went to ask the restaurant staff for the actual schedule. Two local groups arrived after the show had already started. The show itself is good but I saw two groups of people leave in the middle of it. It's frustrating when there isn't a clear schedule but you are expected to wait for an unknown amount of time and the workshop isn't what was promised. We didn't order any food but paid attention to how the waitress was tossing the plates to the table without a smile. Bad customer service. I wouldn't recommend this venue to anyone. Timetables can't be trusted.
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