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Baños Árabes de Santa Maria

Baños Árabes de Santa Maria

4.8 (687 reviews)
4.8 (687 reviews)
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Calle Velázquez Bosco, 8, 14003 Córdoba (Córdoba) - Spain | View map
Fr, Sa
60 min
20 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Baños Árabes de Santa Maria is located in the Jewish quarter of Cordoba, two minutes away from the famous Mosque, the jewel of the capital of the ancient Caliphate. The venue enjoys a magnificent location, being part of a complex of Arab baths from the Caliphate period, mentioned for the first time in documents dating back to the 12th century. Now this magnificent site that breathes history and art has become an incomparable setting for an unforgettable flamenco experience.

The baths are a perfect example of the Hispano-Muslim architecture of the time. In the past, they had several rooms, one of which, the warm water room, has now been transformed into an open courtyard. However, the fascinating original galleries, such as the cannon room and the traditional water cistern, remain almost intact, and the Moorish traces aid today's artists in the presentation of their art.

Baños Árabes de Santa Maria features a cast of top artists who unite in the passion and strength of the art of flamenco, fusing song, dance and guitar. This impressive experience can be completed with the tasting of typical Cordovan dishes, such as salmorejo, oxtail or flamenquín, which is a must for visitors to the city.


Great Architecture with a good quality Flamenco. Enjoy the drinks and food with the performance
Very poor service. I had a confirmed reservation for 1/5/24 only to find on arrival an unapolgetic greeter telling me I could not be accommodated in the restuarant. Thankfully I was able to spend my money elsewhere.
A very special place. We tried many different dishes. some for sharing. My preference was the smoked sardines. The rabo de toro was also popular in our group of 11.
Spectacular restaurant where everything is thought of in detail. Where the customer service is absolutely perfect, the place is unbeatable and the food is exquisite. Our waitress was named Laura
Super interesting little restaurant. It's in the remain of some Arabic baths. The pillars are original and date back to Roman times, each one worth millions of euros (on the black market) or a chance to take coffee and tapas amidst ancient history. Staff are super friendly and informative.
A real find. An intimate space, mainly an old moorish bath house with Roman elements. Magda and Gonzalo are super kind and friendly Authentic Flamenco in a small 30 person space on Friday and Saturday nights - bookings vital - € 10 cash deposit, they give you that back when you arrive and I recall a minimum of only € 20 per person on Food and Drinks
No booking


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