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El Patio Andaluz

El Patio Andaluz

3.8 (244 reviews)
3.8 (244 reviews)
from 22.00 €
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Calle Rocafort, 231, 08029 Barcelona (Barcelona) - Spain | View map
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa
20:00 | 22:00
60 min
130 people
4-6 performers
4-6 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

El Patio Andaluz offers an Andalusian atmosphere in the heart of the city center of Barcelona. The establishment features a bar on the top level where guests can relax and enjoy Spanish music with a drink. Downstairs is the full service restaurant with an ample menu of Andalusian and Spanish specialties, from jamón iberico (cured Iberian ham), paella and gazpacho to grilled meats, a wide variety of seafood and more. Customers can choose from different ticket options such as the flamenco show with drink or various fixed price dinner and tapas menus which include several courses.

There are two nightly flamenco shows of approximately one hour beginning at 20:00 and 22:00. The restaurant is the setting for the performances which include flamenco, rumbas, and sevillanas, accompanied by guitar. The decoration includes typical chairs and tables, ceramic tiles and other details for a festive Andalusian feeling, perfect for a night of flamenco music and dance. At the end of the second show customers are often encouraged by the performers to join in and dance - without obligation and no experience necessary.

The tablao features the talents of Jesús Cortés, winner of the National Flamenco Dance prize who has performed in venues all over the world. Cortés was born into a family of artists in Seville and began dancing at the early age of six. Later he travelled to Barcelona to study under the flamenco masters such as "La Chana", as well as Joseph de la Vega and Emma Maleras. He then began his professional career in the Teresa Guerra Company. Over the years Cortéshas performed for the Spanish Royal family and the Prince of Wales, while sharing the stage with the likes of Placido Domingo and Enrique Iglesias. He is also a gifted director and choreographer, brining in performers from Seville, Malaga, and Cordoba as well as Barcelona.  All of the shows in El Patio Andaluz also feature the choreographies of Cortés.


This show and meal was definitely one of the most memorable my family has ever had. We laugh a lot about the experience because it was so terrible. Every time I have made a reservation at a restaurant since this visit my family laughs and says “Dad….is this going to be like the flamenco restaurant in Barcelona?” One of the worst meals I’ve ever been served, completely inedible, nearly raw chicken. The dancers were kind to our young daughter, but otherwise it was an awful experience. There are certainly many other options in Barcelona. 1 star because there is no lower option. This place should not be in business.
We made the reservation the same day and we were pleasantly surprised. The show was wonderful. The artists, dancers and all musicians did the show with all their heart. We could feel their emotions with their performance. They also have a small shop with handmade items
My family and I had a wonderful time at the show. We went on a Tuesday night with a party of 6. They were accommodating to hold the show for the rest of my party to arrive since we were late hehe. I ordered the show + drink. We had sangria and it was delicious. The show was exciting and beautiful. In the end, they even had two of my family members participate in the show for a bit. They loved it! I would definitely go back again and watch the show. Wish them great success.
We arrived at 7:30 as it said to do on our ticket. At 7:55 we were still the only people in the dingy venue. We asked if anyone else was coming and were told no just us, so we said we would rather leave as it's so awkward just being 2 people and does not provide atmosphere. We asked for a refund and they said that would be possible if we contacted our booking agent However when I contacted them the venue lied and said there had been 16 people at the venue which was NOT TRUE. We were then denied the refund DO NOT go here- terrible customer service !!!
Great show! Amazing dancers and musicians. Food was excellent. The entire experience was very enjoyable. Intimate show and did not feel touristy. 100% would recommend.
I was there twice few years ago, and the performance was fabulous. Both musicians and dancers took my breath away. Having a chance I will visit this place again!
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