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4.8 (20 reviews)
4.8 (20 reviews)
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Avenida del Sol, 89, 29630 Benalmádena (Málaga) - Spain | View map
90 min
400 people
15 performers
15 performers

About the Show

Flamencópolis is a unique Andalusian show that is presented in the coastal town of Benalmádena at the Cosa del Sol. An original variety show, an unparalleled spectacle where flamenco and Spanish dance meet in a fusion with cultures from all over the world and are further enriched with elements from other performing arts disciplines.

The two-hour show keeps the audience enchanted and amazed throughout. Flamenco artists, along with a team of comedians, jugglers and acrobats create a truly magical experience, full of elegance, passion, humor and surprises. Flamencopolis is suitable for all audiences and leaves no one unaffected.

Throughout its history, flamenco has developed in a very intertwined way with other cultures, which allowed it to become a very lively and multidimensional art. In Flamencopolis, flamenco meets the world again and, although it exists there in a very avant-garde and modern way, it does not cease to draw from the sources of tradition. All this allows visitors to enjoy an unforgettable night in front of the sea, full of music and intense emotions.

What does the Flamencópolis "experience" include?

  • Show "Flamencópolis" unique in Andalusia lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes featuring 15 professional artists on stage (dancers, musicians, acrobats, comedians...).
  • Welcome with open bar of champagne in the open air in front of the sea, at sunset, enlivened with live music (the welcome will take place in the garden next to the pool and the sea, at sunset, weather permitting. During winter or due to force majeure, it will take place in the Theater's lounge).
  • Photocall with the artists at the exit.

Information of interest: 

  • Paid bar service during the show (for customers who want to consume any drink during the show).
  • In the same Hotel where the show takes place is the Torrequebrada Casino with free admission ( ID required for access).


  • 21:30: Arrival at the hotel and welcome. Opening of the doors, access to the theater
  • 21:45: Beginning of the show : Start of the first part of the show
  • 22:20: Break 10 min. approx.
  • 22:30: Beginning of the show | Start of second part
  • 23:15: End of the show and photocall with the artists at the exit.


The singer who accompanies the show is impressive, his voice is the best thing about the act; perfectly supported by the companion box and keyboards. The few male and female dancers are very very good professionals making a considerable effort. The ending of the musical solo is very beautiful and elegant to finish off. A show worth seeing for its lighting and quality as a whole. I recommend it.
A SHOW with CAPITAL LETTERS I would dare say that it may be one of the best variety shows on the entire Costa del Sol. Attention to detail in everything: staging, sound, lighting, costumes... Top-level dancers going through a lot of styles all included in flamenco. But it doesn't stop there, live music from a virtuoso cast of musicians and two high-class voices that complement each other perfectly. In addition, the show has acrobatic acts, juggling, clowning... There is no time to get bored. It is also a show that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their age. A visual and emotional enjoyment for the viewer. 👏🏻👏🏻
It was weird that some online store promoting to this show while it’s closed since may, we went to the location to book our tickets and they mentioned that it’s closed since may. update: after i received a message from the organizer blaming me for rating them with one star let me explain the situation as its the truth based on my rate and my comment above obviously that i didn't see the show and my rate based the other websites promote it while we went ourself to the location of the venue and the employee gave us this information that the show is off since may and what made us believe that the last post in your Instagram was on 3rd of may (productionsplamingo) . my post is to aware people not to book from the other website that promoting to ur event as the show looks really awesome with amazing dancers. please keep us updated thru your Instagram and direct us from what is the legit website to book your tickets. best of luck.
It was weird that some online store promoting to this show while it’s closed since may, we went to the location to book our tickets and they mentioned that it’s closed since may.
It is a magical show. Adapted to all audiences, full of surprises and that keeps you with your mouth open from beginning to end. A new way of seeing and adapting flamenco to the different cultures we have around the world. I recommend to everyone who can not miss the opportunity to see this beautiful show, which as I said before, is full of magic and surprises.
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