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El Toro y La Luna

El Toro y La Luna

4.4 (817 reviews)
4.4 (817 reviews)
from 18.00 €
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Plaça del Mestre Ripoll, 13, 46022 Valencia (Valencia) - Spain | View map
We, Th, Fr, Su
75 min
98 people
6-7 performers
6-7 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Under the artistic direction of Pepe and Maribel, with more than half a century dedicated to the world of live entertainment all over the world. The tablao flamenco El Toro y La Luna stages an impressive interpretation within a family atmosphere and surrounded by the duende and magic that fills every corner of this small place.

Over time and with much patience, is how this art has managed to forge itself into one of the most cultivated musical styles of the world. Transporting those who attend the show to the comfort of being with the family, the program brings together the majestic songs and dances of flamenco: zambras, tangos, rumbas, sevillanas and more, to a journey through time in the form of folklore from other countries and performed by a large family of artists. The participation of the public is welcome, inviting everyone to dance with the artists so that they have a fun and different night, creating a memorable experience for everyone who comes to see the show.

With an emphasis on high-quality gastronomy and the intention of presenting a family of artists with more than 80 years of experience on stage, El Toro y La Luna tablao flamenco is the perfect place to unite two of the most precious treasures that the country has to offer: Spanish cuisine and flamenco. The venue opens its doors at 20:30 for those who wish to arrive in advance.


A nice bar with a lovely flair and good performers! We liked a lot, that there were also performers of an advanced age. They impressed with their experience. The show was varied with singers, dancers and guitarist. Very recommendable
On a recent visit to Valencia, I googled flamenco shows. Tablao el Toro y la Luna was among several options. I'm so glad we decided to go. I highly recommend this show. It is a remarkable show in a close and personal space. You will fill a part of the experience all along. I look forward to go back.
I was alone there and had so much fun! The food was stunning and it was so much for one person! The service was good, the audience a great fun and the show stunning. Especially the singers and the appearance of the younger dancer were awesome!! I will never forget when the female singer turned off the amplifier and sang just like that. What a voice! What a power... And so funny was the moment where the mobile phone of the Grandpa started to ring in the middle of his singing! Not perfect, but the best entertainment one can get! The area is good, when you walk alone home as a woman. So even when you travel alone: go there and enjoy the evening!!!
Food is excellent at this place, even though we didn’t receive what I ordered. I ordered beef, but got chicken which was thankfully delicious so I didn’t protest. Starters were also amazing‼️I had a duck patè with berries - WOW‼️😍 & a toss salad. Sangria was also lovely. Performance was good & performer was so attentive afterwards taking pics with patrons & dressing them up. Loved her energy‼️
I can’t recommend this place enough! Me and my partner had the most amazing experience, the food and sangria were great, as well as nice and friendly staff. The show was impressive to say the least, we saw such a beautiful and talented family that made us laugh, cry, get goosebumps all in one standing. I even danced with them on stage at the end! An unforgettable experience we recommed from the bottom of our hearts!! The prices are very good, we spent around 60€ for the show, sangrias, appetizers and 2 tequila shots. If you go to Valencia you MUST go and see El Toro Y La Luna! 🧡🩷💐 Thank you for making our trip the best ever!
On the night of the 20th, I went to this restaurant alone. It was really a wonderful evening! For 50 euros, not only did I get a very good meal of local Valencia’s food, but I also got a wonderful show !Really high quality!👍🏻 First of all, the waiters were very nice, and as a foreigner, when I didn't understand something, they explained it to me patiently, spoke English with me, and took care of me all the time. The food was not only beautifully but also had layers of flavor! I was really pleasantly surprised! But what surprised me even more was the performance after the meal, each artist was very skillful! They have wonderful playing techniques.The Spanish songs were really great! I really wanted to ask for the song list for that night!🤩 Especially the female artists, I have to call them artists!I felt empowered by their performances. Flamingo showed me that women are proud, generous, free,charming and beautiful, like blooming flowers burning in a flame!🌹 I had thought that Flamingo only had very fast songs before, but when it came to a slow song, she still interpreted it very well! The singers sang deeply and so touchingly! I felt the power of them! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 And I really liked the arrangement of enjoying the local performances in the local restaurant while tasting the local food! As a foreigner, I felt the charm of Spanish culture! Everyone are very friendly~😊 I was touched and empowered by this night! It was my favorite night in Valencia!🥰 💗 It was so unforgettable that I was so excited to share it with my family on the phone, and I was still thinking about it when I went to bed at night! If any of my friends come to Valencia, I would like to recommend my friends to visit this place!
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