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Centro Flamenco de Sevilla

Centro Flamenco de Sevilla

4.6 (465 reviews)
4.6 (465 reviews)
from 25.00 €
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Calle Francos, 33, 41004 Seville (Seville) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
18:00 | 20:00
60 min
50 people
3-4 performers
3-4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Centro Flamenco de Sevilla has an exceptional location at the foot of the legendary Giralda, the 12th century bell tower of the famous Cathedral of Seville. In this magical place you can see a flamenco show full of warmth and authentic art that draws from the source of history and memories which live in the streets of the center of Seville's capital.

Centro Flamenco de Sevilla is a place where you can discover flamenco in a familiar and intimate atmosphere, enjoying the proximity to the dancers, guitarists and singers. The performance is created with all the respect for the tradition and purity of flamenco, without forgetting its evolution over time.

The show can be combined with a walk through the center of the city, getting to know the historical monuments and enjoying the architecture of various periods. The flamenco experience at the Centro Flamenco de Sevilla can be completed with a tasting of local wines and Andalusian tapas, the pride of the province.


Fantastic intimate experience. The guitar, singing and dancing we're amazing. Also the drinks were reasonably priced drinks. Only 2 points - seats were uncomfortable and it would have been nice if they had posed for photos after. Appreciate at the height of season this wouldn't be possible but it was quiet when we went
Really up close to the performers, like 6 feet away. Small, modern performance space NOT a tavern in the English sense of the word. Great experience. Tip: Definitely spend the extra 10 Euros to get a front table and refreshments. Worth it!
We got there half an hour before the show started and got a third row seat. The show was fantastic. The seats could have been better but soon forgot about the stiffness when the show began. I surprised myself as to how impressed I was with the performance.
Great show. We purchased the VIP tickets which includes tapas and a drink with the show. Their are only 5 VIP seats available for each show. There are 2 tables in front that is reserved for you. Not sure what the experience would be further back.
A great experience for all the family, my 8 year old son loved it, but of course it depends on your kid. There was one family in front of us that had to leave as the child became wresless and noisy. Grandparents really like the show and the artists were very friendly. Photos and videos are not allowed during the show, but in the last song you are allowed to film and make photos and that is more then adequate as it allows you to enjoy the show without the constant light and sound of cameras
This is an injustice made to the artists, by the management of this show. If you are not sitting in the first 4 rows you can’t see anything. The room they are playing is small and crowded (attached a photo from row 6). With the money you pay for this ticket you can buy a ticket to the Teatro Flamenco, or you can go in Plazza de Espana and view better street performance. No disrespect for the artists!
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