Flamenco Casa Ábaco

Flamenco Casa Ábaco

4.3 (380 reviews)
4.3 (380 reviews)
from 29.00 €
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Camino Casa Grande, 14, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) - Spain | View map
65 min
110 people
6 performers
6 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Flamenco Casa Ábaco offers a flamenco show in Puerto de la Cruz de Tenerife. The production features a cast of 6 artists on stage in a magical setting. A unique experience to feel the passion and force of flamenco with the perfect atmosphere to experience all the magic of this art form. There are ticket options including a glass of sangria or San Francisco (non-alcoholic drink), or VIP entrance with a glass of Champagne and seats in the first rows.

The show takes place in Casa Ábaco, a luxurious 18th century mansion and former residence of a direct family of the Conqueror of the Canary Islands. The atmosphere created with the decoration of flowers, fruits, natural vegetables and aromas of incense, as well as antiques.


Thursday evening flamenco show superb
We went for the flamenco show. It was so spectacular and entertaining. Not the classical flamenco as it is combined with spanish ballet but still so good. They had more costumes during the show. It is worth noting that there is no live music but still worth it.
Interesting and cosy place. Visited a very nice flamenco show. Impressive with a great packaging/house.
Wonderful setting, but the service was terrible. Really bad waiter. Only one, by the looks of it. Spent his time whistling to the music, watching stuff on his phone with the sound on... I could go on! The setting, though, is lovely.
Old Spanish house hosts a flamenco show. We had a good night with sangria and an entertaining show. The dancers changed so many costumes, including hair pieces and earrings so fast... It was incredible. It was a nice surprise that they also sang a little. Overall, I recommend it.
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Feel the flamenco

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