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Tablao El Cardenal

Tablao El Cardenal

4.7 (914 reviews)
4.7 (914 reviews)
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Calle Buen Pastor, 2, 14003 Córdoba (Córdoba) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa
20:30 | 21:30
90 min
100 people
7 performers
7 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Tablao El Cardenal is located in the historic center of Cordoba. The tablao has a long tradition of over 25 years and is a reference point in the Cordoba flamenco scene as well as one of the most nationally recognized tablaos. Because of this history and tradition, the venue received the Award for the Best Tourist Product of Cordoba.

Tablao El Cardenal offers an authentic flamenco show full of passion and color, with a cast of of nine different artists.  The show is a journey through the different flamenco styles in what is characteristic of the purest flamenco: fandangos, soleá, bulerías and alegrías, amongst others. The performances are held on one of two different stages depending on the weather: the outdoor patio area with room for 100 people and the indoor performance room with a capacity of 50 people. 

Tablao El Cardenal is where many top national flamenco artists have performed and continue to perform. The artistic group has received numerous awards for singing, guitar and flamenco dancing, including:

Antonio Alcázar y Victoria Palacios

  • Premio Nacional de Flamenco en Danza
  • Premio de Televisión Española
  • Premio de la Junta de Andalucía a Jóvenes Flamencos
  • Premio Internacional de Nimes

Alberto Lucena

  • Premio Nacional de Guitarra Flamenca

Ballet de Antonio Alcázar y Victoria Palacios

  • Premio La Perla de Cádiz


This show was the third show we saw in three days. One in Jerez, one in Seville and this one, Tablao Flamenco el Cardenal in Cordoba. There are other shows in Cordoba but this was the only one on the night we wanted that had a front row table. We arrived and joined the line. We prepaid at the hotel so we just handed our voucher and were offered a drink at the bar which is at next to the ticket taker. We were then seated in what was formally the large internal garden of a house years ago. The rest of the tourists were seated and the show began. The singer and guitarist started. They were joined by a dancer. She was joined by two more dancers. Then there was a solo male dancer and he was then joined by one female at the end it was all hands on deck. The show was good. Not the best we saw but good. The guitarist was the best guitarist we had seen of the past two shows mentioned above. The show allows taking phots and videos which is what elevated them from a 3 to a 4-star review. I feel it is essential that you are allowed to leave with the experience recorded wither in video or stills for your future memories. Especially if it was a good show. Cordoba has many flamenco shows and this is one located in the historical section of the city a short 10 minute walk from our hotel. If you want a show and dinner, I suggest looking into the flamenco show in the Juderia, the old Jewish section of the town. We were told it’s a good show. Hopefully I’ll be back to try that location in the future.
You know that they do this every night, but you see how much they enjoy their performance. They really take you on a journey. Great evening! It would be so much better though without the pizza- and other snacks smacking visitors.
Wasn’t really sure what to expect (especially if you’re from outside of Spain) this is a fantastic traditional flamenco show. Music singing and dancing is amazing 🤩 this show is a must see if you’re in beautiful Cordoba. Highly recommended.
Passionate and Professional - great guitarist, singer, and dancers. First class - don't miss it!
I'm no flamenco expert but good show. Started on time too. Sour includes a free drink and accomodating staff too. Kids welcome. We went with our 7 and 5 year old. Both thoroughly enjoyed the show.
Wow. just wow. Incredible performance. I could not recommend highly enough. Lovely atmosphere and didn't feel touristy at all. Felt very authentic.
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