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Tablao Flamenco Puro Arte

Tablao Flamenco Puro Arte

4.7 (439 reviews)
4.7 (439 reviews)
from 30.00 €
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Calle Madre de Dios, 10, 11401 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) - Spain | View map
Mo, We
Fr, Sa, Su
16:00 | 22:00
16:00 | 19:00 | 22:00
19:00 | 22:00
70 min
120 people
5 performers
5 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Inside a bodega dating to 1739, the magic of an ancient and pure flamenco is produced every night which dazzles the spectator and ensures that flamenco dance remains established in thought and memory. Styles such as martinetes, soleá, bulerías…the roots of Jerez. Experience the city of flamenco.

Tablao Flamenco Restaurant Puro Arte Jerez is located in Jerez de la Frontera near the train and bus stations. The tablao offers all the modern comforts in a traditional environment, within the region universally known as the birthplace of flamenco. The founders have created a space to promote the art of pure flamenco, offering visitors and locals a taste of Jerez and Andalusia. Ticket options include the show with a drink, tapas or dinner.

The show at Tablao Flamenco Restaurante Puro Arte Jerez has a duration of approximately one hour and ten minutes, with a flamenco group composed of 6 top-level performers. They have formed a show that overflows with passion and strength, a concept specially designed for those looking for high quality flamenco.

The authentic flamenco show is complemented by Andalusian cuisine, including two different menu options that feature some of the best regional specialties and a special children's menu. Those choosing the show with drink can also choose tapas from the menu. The restaurant can also adapt the menu for people with allergies or dietary restrictions. Guests can also enjoy wines from the region (fino, oloroso, etc.) for a representative cultural experience of the city of Jerez.


The highlight of our time in Jerez! We booked online a few days in advance and arrived just before 9. They sat us immediately and stated the dinner (tapas) service with our drinks and bread. A large helping of tapas for each person before we moved into the meal. We all choose the beef and it was amazing even as a native Texan. Tender and perfectly seasoned. We added another round of wine before the show commenced. 3 dancers and a singer in the center of the restaurant floor to start things off on a more intimate note before moving to the stage and adding in the guitar player. Everyone performing was very talented. The timing of the music is impressive because it is near impossible to keep track of. Each performer had a solid moment to shine and they certainly did.
Fantastic! Really experienced flamenco dancer and lovely performance. It started in the middle of the floor among the audience, so one could get an intimate preview. The following segments were on stage. The tapas menu we chose was substantial and include one drink also. It is great value. Only thing I would advise is that to expect the show starting at 10pm, which was not obvious from the website. We thought door opens at 8pm but it is more like 8:30pm, food served at 9pm and performance at 10pm
Amazing, fantastic, from the heart sort of an experience ❤️ I wish it lasted longer.. the waiting crew and the flamenco team, this just couldn't be a better evening with the best dancers Ive seen in a long time. Thank you for the experience
I booked based on the reviews here, and my family and I weren't disappointed! Very impressive, made me see flamenco in a whole new way. Beautiful, intense and emotional- these guys are true artists! Worth every Euro cent (indeed, seemed very cheap for the quality of the performance).
Amazing show. Food excellent. On top of that the service is more than great. Joaquin and Jorge make you feel as a King. My wife Sonia and I highly recommend this place.
The show and menu tapas was a wonderful experience! There is a performance area right in the middle of the dining tables so you get to see the performers up close for the opening ensemble act. The performers were amazing at portraying the emotions of the stories, which helped even though I had limited understanding of the songs themselves. The food was a great selection of delicious tapas, an entrée, and dessert. They were very helpful in accommodating my friend's shellfish allergy and had alternate foods available that were also very delicious. It came with one beverage (wine/beer/sherry/juice) included, but does not include cocktails as an option within the flat dinner rate. You may get additional drinks, such as cocktails or wine/beer/sherry/juice, for a separate additional cost at the end.
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