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4.8 (242 reviews)
4.8 (242 reviews)
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Calle Muro de Puerta Nueva, 10, 29005 Málaga (Málaga) - Spain | View map
We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
90 min
80 people
4-5 performers
4-5 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Kelipe is located in the charming historic city center of Malaga, very close to the Thyssen Museum and the famous Constitution Square.  The objective of Kelipé is to share an authentic flamenco experience with the public.

Kelipe holds shows in a very intimate, seemingly simple but emotionally charged atmosphere. They recitals feature four artists, where the viewer can clearly observe the technical and expressive components, enjoying a great experience with all of the detailed intricacies on stage. The viewer in Kelipe is fully aware of being in an intimate and familiar place due to the sympathy and affection with which Kelipé treats their customers. as well  as the passion and great technical and interpretive quality of its artists.

Kelipe as a flamenco cultural center an idea is a way of being, reflecting a lifetime of dedication and commitment to flamenco. Run by a family of artists with a deep history, a unique story, and exceptional talent on stage, this dedication is transmitted from the first chord. Kelipe serves as a space for dialogue about the art of flamenco. This is seen in its teaching activities, especially focused on increasing the public understanding of flamenco. A public which, thanks to centers like Kelipe, come away with a better understanding of the history of flamenco and the purity of this art form.


Such passionate intensity and skill. The best way to enjoy Spanish mixed heritage is to spend time in the world of Flamenco!
Just absolutely wow. We were all left in awe of the talent and soul of the musicians. Bravissimi!
This was beyond our expectations. The performers put their hearts and their souls into their show and it was stunning. Me and my husband enjoyed every minute from beginning to end. Special kudos to the translator who did an amazing job keeping up. :))
Amazingly authentic flamenco show. The guitar player is a genius, the singer has a voice full of passion and the dancers move with a vibrant energy. It is advisable to come half an hour early as it is important to have front seats in order to see the legwork of the dancers. This place is the best if you understand spanish as the translations to english are not completely accurate. For a 90 minutes experience the 35€ I payed were a really good offer. I will definitely come again when I’m in Malaga the next time!
Amazing!!! ✨👏💜 Beautiful atmospheric flamenco 💃🏻 show, one of the best in the town. My heart was singing & dancing together with performers. Loved every minute of it. I would suggest to come 20-15 min in advance to get the best seats, as seats are not reserved by ticket in advance. 👌🏻
We loved every bit of the show. It was an intimate performance - just to the five of us. But performers made it feel like we are a whole World :)
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