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Introduction to Flamenco Malaga

Introduction to Flamenco Malaga

5 (14 reviews)
5 (14 reviews)
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Calle Vélez Málaga, 6, 29016 Málaga (Málaga) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa
60 min
25 people
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Introduction to Flamenco in the interactive center of Malaga is a new artistic program that takes place in Puerto de Malaga, a very vibrant and popular neighborhood located very close to both the famous Malagueta beach and the historic center of the city. A new conceptual approach to the world of flamenco suitable for all types of audiences.

Introduction to Flamenco in the interactive center of Malaga is an innovative and complete experience that has been meticulously designed to allow visitors to discover and explore flamenco culture. Five interactive screens and the explanations of a passionate flamenco guide help transform any viewer into a crucial element of this flamenco adventure.

The experience of the Introduction to Flamenco at the interactive center in Malaga lasts one hour and is conducted in Spanish and English. Visitors can feel the emotional singing, the passionate dancing, the fascinating melodies of the guitar, as well as learn and understand the compás, the key to flamenco.

Introduction to flamenco in the interactive center of Malaga is part of the space Alegria Flamenco and Gastronomy. If you would like to attend a flamenco show after the visit, you can book tickets separately on the following page:


SOOOO FABULOUS!!!!! Excellent dancers and service. The stage and arrangement is fantastic. The crowd was very involved and very easy to be loud. Was so much fun! Highly recommend.
Perfect performance and delicious food and superb service. Gregor
Today I went to an interactive experience of Flamenco near Muelle Uno. It was a unique and charming experience, a great way to learn about Flamenco, what it is, it’s history, the different types of Flamenco, a way to learn the basic steps of Flamenco, the different rhythms, music, singing, to learn about basic Flamenco cords on guitar. I never realised how complicated Flamenco is! It was a fascinating experience to learn of all the mixture of its origins in a fun and unique way. There has been no expenses spared in setting up this special experience, you will not be disappointed. There is a show daily at 1230 in the afternoon. A really different thing to do while you are in Málaga. Just step off your cruise or wherever you are in Malaga and Alegría Flamenco is right on your doorstep at Malaga Port, known as “Muelle Uno” The show lasts about 1hrs 30 mins. The team are wonderful, friendly, welcoming, very professional and knowledgable, they love everyone not only listen but to take part too. Well done Alegría very innovative !❤️💃🕺❤️💃🕺❤️🕺💃❤️🕺💃❤️💃🕺❤️💃
Unique experience, I learned the origin of flamenco, its songs, tap dancing from the hand of an expert flamenco dancer. I loved it and of course I'll be back!!!!!
A moment with a lot of history, music and culture, a very beautiful interpretation of flamenco, I recommend it!
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Feel the flamenco

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