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Teatro Flamenco Madrid

Teatro Flamenco Madrid

4.7 (2317 reviews)
4.7 (2317 reviews)
from 24.65 €
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Calle del Pez, 10, 28004 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
18:00 | 20:00
60 min
180 people
5-6 performers
5-6 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

The Teatro Flamenco Madrid presents the show “Emociones”, a unique and different way of feeling and living flamenco that for the first time takes its magic to the armchairs of a theater. The location chosen to host the first flamenco theater in the world is the Alfil, situated just a few minutes from Madrid’s Gran Vía and always at the forefront of cultural offerings.

The program in Teatro Flamenco Madrid features a group of top level artists – singers, dancers and guitarists - who combine their art to offer different performances in two nightly shows. The performance offers a unique experience in a venue with an intimate atmosphere, capable of creating a special connection between the spectator and artist.

The artistic direction is under Antonio Andrade and Úrsula Moreno, guitarist and dancer, both who have enjoyed a long and important trajectory in the flamenco world. From Seville and Malaga, their native cities, they have traveled to some of the best national and international stages with the productions of their "Flamenco Company Antonio Andrade".

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  • Promo: General admission


Great show! We arrived half an hour early as the tickets advised. Great advice, as we had time to get drinks in before the show started. Great introduction to flamenco dance. The two singers & dancers & guitar player were amazingly talented. Bravo!
Decent show, the only thing is we showed up early as was suggested in order to get good seats. However! no matter how early you go, you will be escorted to your seats and cannot choose where to sit. Unfortunately, we were placed in the front row, which was so close to the stage that it was approximately 2 feet in front of us so we had to crane our necks up to not relaxing and hard to enjoy the show. They would not allow us to move to a different table although there were many open and assured us these were 'the best seats' and best to take photos from which was total nonsense.
Great venue! The Flamenco show was fantastic, truly dedicated team for such a cultural event.
The performance was truly magical and captivating. The artists' performances were breathtaking and delivered with immense dedication. For our group, it was an unforgettable experience that we couldn't stop talking about all evening.
A-MA-ZING!! My family had no idea what they were in for! Absolutely a must see show! The performance was truly full of EMOTION, engaging and entertaining! The dancers were full of PASSION! My family could not stop talking about it. We’ve been on our Europe trip for two weeks and they mentioned that this was a fantastic grand finale to our trip! Thank you Teatro Flamenco Madrid!
The performers are awesome, the two singers were a bit weird, couldn't understand much. The younger singer was staring awkwardly at the young dancer's body, even my wife thought it was awkward, like with some kind of desire. The Venue is ok, since you're not supposed to move around during the show, the spacing was a bit tight but it worked ok. Paid 25 euro per person but I think 20 would be perfect, too much singing ( story telling ? ), not enough dancing.
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