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La Casa del Flamenco

La Casa del Flamenco

4.7 (2880 reviews)
4.7 (2880 reviews)
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Calle Ximénez de Enciso, 28, 41004 Seville (Seville) - Spain | View map
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17:30 | 19:00 | 20:30
17:30 | 19:00 | 20:30 | 22:00
60 min
65 people
5 performers
5 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

La Casa del Flamenco is located in the heart of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter of Seville. This area is also home to two of Seville's most important monuments: the Cathedral and Alcazar.  Within this historical setting La Casa del Flamenco hosts nightly flamenco shows in the main courtyard of a 15th century former palace. The family owned and operated venue offers reasonable prices including discounts for students and children.

Seating is around three quarters of the patio permitting a close view of the stage to take in the intensity and emotion of the show.  Each night two dancers, two singers and a guitarist perform several popular songs and dances, all without microphones or amplifiers for a natural and authentic sound. The one hour show covers a number of different styles of flamenco and includes a featured guitar solo. La Casa del Flamenco also has a regular rotation of nationally and internationally recognized artists such as the dancers María Moreno and “El Junco”, singer Matías López “El Mati” and guitarist “El Perla”.

The original house dates back to the fifteenth century and was renovated two centuries later when it became the home of Justino de Neve, a famous historic figure in Seville and a patron and friend of the painter Murillo. The centerpiece of the home is the central patio with almost six centuries of history. The arches and marble columns, coffered ceilings and traditional tiles create a wonderful backdrop to showcase the art of flamenco in Seville.  This location and setting, together with the authentic flamenco performance, offers a unique way to experience the spirit of Andalucía.


Not what we were expecting. It felt kind of like we were attending their rehearsal, the performers were constantly making comments to each other and laughing. The guitarist was good but the tap dancing was so loud you couldn’t really hear the music. It all felt very random as if they were ad-libbing. We were expecting to see more talent and the dancing was not at all technical and really not that impressive. The female singer was great but the dancing was very average. There was only a few minutes of the woman and man dancing together and when the man danced alone it was too awkward to watch
Absolutely incredible show! Would highly recommend. The dancers and the musicians are amazing. We loved it.
Amazing show and talent! The night was so special and the performances were authentic, powerful and soul stirring. Highly recommend! Definitely confirm whether you’re booking the Festivo performance or the Hondo performance as the vibes are obviously quite different; but the show is spectacular regardless!
The Flamenco show offered by La casa del Flamenco at the Alcántara auditorium in Calle Ximénez de Enciso 28 is truly a unique and unmissable experience, both for tourists and people living in the city. Shows are organized daily, with two to three performances a day concentrated in the afternoon and in the evening. They can be booked on location or through the website, which appears modern and easy to use. With three different languages, it shows that the audience they aim for is Spanish nationals but also tourists who are spending time in the city. It is catchy with videos and photos from the venue and the performances, as well as a clear and modern style. Tickets offered follow a pricing strategy based on age, with tickets for adults costing 22€, for students 17€ and for children 11€. Children younger than six years old enter for free with an adult. The booking process is quick and smooth. The stage is already immersing the visitor into the experience, with a covered internal courtyard with columns. Decorated with lamps and plants, the stage is surrounded on three sides by around thirty seats, alternating a first row of low seats and a rear row of higher seats, giving everyone a perfect view of the performance. The traditional chairs for the performance are located on the stage, awaiting the arrival of the performers. The experience of the performance was vibrant, energetic and impressive. The guitarist and the singers enter first, setting the atmosphere. In turns, the dancers enter the scene, performing alone and together, while also changing outfits multiple times. One aspect remains constant: The intense energy released by the shoes of the dancers. It is a unique and strong beat followed by energetic moves across the small stage. Meanwhile, the singers give rhythm with strong claps and a powerful voice. This allows the performers to have something happening throughout the whole performance, as dancers alternate the scene. With a duration of an hour, a visitor can really grasp all the different shades of a flamenco dance. What I liked most was that the performers were genuine and real, not professional actors. You could sense that they are part of one big flamenco family and that they do this for passion. The little talking among themselves, the jokes and the laughs, but also simple acts such as tuning the guitar during the performance made the experience feel local and traditional, and not a product for customers. The adjective that best describes the performance overall is “intimate”, not only between the performers themselves and with the public, but also within the environment of the internal courtyard itself. An interesting aspect of the performance, which I praise, is that photography and taking videos is not allowed throughout the performance. This allows the experience to be unique and impossible to reproduce elsewhere or see it remotely. However, I also appreciate their policy of allowing photos and videos for the final and concluding act of the show, giving visitors and tourists alike a small memory to save and bring home. Even the moment in which spectators were alerted about the possibility to take videos felt human, as the male dancer was trying to make the female dancer say it, but she wanted to have a laugh and insisted on him to make the announcement. The result was a very embarrassed and shy “Photo, Oh-key!”, which made the moment magical. Overall, my experience was outstanding, and I want to thank the dancers, vocalists and the guitarist who gave me and my friends an enjoyable time.
Great night out. Our first night in seville and we thoroughly enjoyed our evening. All of the performers were very talented. Great show.
I highly recommend a visit to this establishment. The dancers we watched were incredible, ably supported by 2 wonderful singers and a solo guitarist. The establishment is small, making the performance that bit more special. Personally I am not that bothered with Flamenco, however, this show is just about the right duration for me at 1 hour. I do wish there was a bit more dancing with the castanets, as there was only one such dance, which in my opinion was superb!
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