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El Palacio Andaluz

El Palacio Andaluz

4.4 (3620 reviews)
4.4 (3620 reviews)
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Calle Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro, 4, 41092 Seville (Seville) - Spain | View map
Mo, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
19:00 | 21:30
18:00 | 19:00 | 21:30
90 min
500 people
15 performers
15 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

El Palacio Andaluz is located within the former Cruzcampo pavilion, constructed for the 1992 Universal Exposition of Seville in the Isla Cartuja section of the city. Completely renovated, this is one of the most spacious venues to see a flamenco show in Seville. The theatre architecture offers unobstructed views from any seat and excellent acoustics.

El Palacio Andaluz has won numerous national and international awards for their shows which cover a wide range of flamenco styles. From the lessor known, to the well known, such as bulerias, soleás, alegrías, fandango, and sevillanas. Even some Spanish ballet. The site was also selected by a national television channel to host a documentary about flamenco.

On the ground floor El Palacio Andaluz features “La Bodega Museum”, which includes the exhibition space “The Andalusian Flamenco Museum and Art”. In this space, guests can view items, costumes and photos of the flamenco show and artists. Other elements which are important to the Andalusian cultural identity, such as ceramics, wine and equestrian art as well as a recreation of a caseta (tent) from the April Fair. The visit to the museum is free for those attending the show.


Incredible show, excellent scenarios, and scene changes...the show included a truncated version of Carmen...features male and female dancers, live musical accompaniment and vocals, multiple costume changes, and one female dancer in pants! Amazing, powerful, and potent show. Bravo!
Very difficult to identify as no external signs. We arrived 10 minutes early, but the theatre was already almost full. We were shown to a single row balcony in the pitch black. The dancers were first rate but the staging was tired and worn. Also the costumes were not as spectacular as I'd seen in shows elsewhere. We were very hot and thirsty having walked there in the heat but there was no bar to get a drink. Halfway through the show we were offered drinks then charged €24 for 2 waters and 2 wines, neither of which were drinkable. Our tickets included a flamenco museum which we never saw. I'm actually one who praises not bemoans, but this was our only disappointment in beautiful Sevilla
The dancers, singers and players are really good and passionate!! Just the seat is not comfortable and too narrow, and the staff who deliver drinks are sometimes not professional. But for the flamenco, you must to go there and see! Emilio and Maria are really good! Others also really good too.
The combination of the dancers along with the musicians and the singer told the story. There was no need to even understand the words. All was expressed by the dance. The stage was visible from all seats. The wait staff was efficient and in the background. All added to a great evening of entertainment.
Warning: tourist trap Dancing was good in the beginning and then it became a tap recital. The food is terrible. Completely inedible and a hate crime to Spanish cuisine. Going to need dinner after this
I watched Flamenco Show here. I felt disappointed. All of seats were sold before. The officer showed some empty seats at the corner place but you can’t see anything in there. I had a reservation previous the show. All the best seats were full. When I entered the hall at the show start time, there were people sitting inside. The attendant just told me to sit on the empty chairs in the corner of the hall. It was quite difficult to see the stage from there.
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