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El Rincón del Arte

El Rincón del Arte

4.5 (39 reviews)
4.5 (39 reviews)
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Plaza de la Hoya, 12, 29770 Torrox (Málaga) - Spain | View map
45 min | 75 min
25 people
3 performers
3 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

El Rincón del Arte is located in the heart of Torrox, in the vaulted rooms of the historic Plaza de la Hoya. A tablao where the two traditions of flamenco come together, that of the singing cafés, where this art was expressed in all its variety, and that of the centuries-old caves of Granada's Sacromonte, where flamenco was a way of living and telling the story of one's life.

The flamenco shows at the Rincón del Arte embody the free and rebellious spirit essential to flamenco in the 15th and 16th centuries, when gypsies from all over Europe found a refuge from state repression in the caves of Sacromonte. It was there that the authentic art of the people was born, where all forms were valued, an art full of pain, joy, humility and pride. An art where stories and cultures were linked, and that the Rincón del Arte represents for its visitors.

In this tablao, apart from being close to the pure and powerful flamenco, you can also enjoy the range of traditional tapas, so that no sense is left without awakening. El Rincón del Arte offers shows every Saturday, inviting you to live an unparalleled experience in a warm, emotional and charming atmosphere.


A great experience, incredible Marcos Morales dance show. I will return without a doubt.
A great experience, incredible dance show by Marcos Morales. I will return without a doubt.
Fantastic Jazz trio playing the standards to a very high standard
Great experience, the dancer was awesome how she expressed the song with her dance, very tense, powerful and entertaining.
An establishment in a pleasant and quiet space. Some quality flamenco performances where you can also taste delicious food such as montaditos, toasts and wonderful homemade tapas! Very highly recommended.
It is a small but very cozy place... It also has a magnificent outdoor terrace... Although, the best without a doubt; It is the moment of the show... where ART takes over all that precious Corner... All this accompanied by a good drink and delicious snacks. I RECOMMEND IT!!
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