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Baraka Sala Flamenca

Baraka Sala Flamenca

4.6 (571 reviews)
4.6 (571 reviews)
from 27.00 €
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Calle Pureza, 107, 41010 Seville (Seville) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
60 min
50 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Baraka Sala Flamenca is located in the heart of the Triana district, the cradle of flamenco. A place where modernity and tradition come together every day.

Baraka Sala Flamenca offers a traditional tablao flamenco show -guitar, song, and dance- in the heart of Triana and along the banks of the Guadalquivir River. A comfortable Andalusian setting where you can enjoy the artists performance in detail.

On stage are some of the best artists who come together to offer an authentic, live flamenco. The singer, guitar and dancers come together to perform a traditional and emblematic flamenco representative of its artistic legacy.


The show was so energetic and intimate. I loved it!
Absolutely fabulous place to see a flamenco show. It's a venue that takes its craft very seriously: small and intimate, clear rules and communication, a very well planned show, and the performers were absolutely out of this world. The show is an hour long, which is perfect. Very highly recommended!
Amazing experience! The show was really great, the dancers and musicians were passionate about their art and it was beautiful to see.
We had a brilliant time.The venue was very intimate which is what we wanted and we were sat right on the edge of the dancefloor so had the perfect view.Was absolutely worth the money for such a great performance.The dancers, singer & guitarist were brilliant.We got a free drink too which was a really nice touch.We would recommend to anyone that is holidaying in Seville.
Wish I could give 0 or minus rating for this place and the show. Two main reasons. Very bad seating arrangement and an extremely rude guy who ushered the guests and refused to give me a better seat (yes, there were other vacant chairs!!!!) I was made to sit on a bar stool because of which I missed all the foot work of the artist. I left the show in between. This show is just a tourist trap, meant to impress tourists. Nothing great about the singer or the guitarist. The dancers is passable. Please check the other bad reviews which clearly highlight the rude guy's behaviour.
If you want spanish flamenco show, avoid this one. Performancers are all arabic(?), But for sure not spanish. Bar workers are rude and this place is far away from good atmosphere. You will sit there like you shouldn't even breath and "be amazed" of performancers. You can not take videos (i do understand, because flamenco dancers face looks so awkward/face expressions, that i didn't even wanna see her face. Same with man dancers, he looked like scared owl). But when they told its okay to take pictures, she and he were smiling like another persons.. and we werent even finnished our drinks, when dancers/musicians left with they suitcases and another workers were cleaning whole place. I had half glass of red vine, so i dont think it would take much time to innish it.. and have seen flamenco in spain few times before (also in sevilla), so, i belive, know what im talking about..
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