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Olé Flamenco Show

Olé Flamenco Show

4.7 (35 reviews)
4.7 (35 reviews)
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Calle Fernando Lopez Arvelo, 1 (Hotel GF Victoria), 38679 Costa Adeje (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) - Spain | View map
90 min
300 people
9 performers
9 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Olé Flamenco Show takes place at Las Olas Showroom of GF Victoria, the majestic hotel located between the beaches of El Duque and Costa Adeje on the island of Tenerife. It is a flamenco and Spanish dance show created under the artistic direction of dancer Fran Chafino.

Olé Flamenco Show is an expression of admiration and taste, and also an invitation to an enchanting journey full of light, color, energy and tradition. The journey begins with Spanish dance, which has been one of the sources of the evolution of flamenco art after decades of history. After enjoying its beauty and elegance, the show moves to the purest flamenco. The unique and outstanding character of this show is formed by the choreographic composition, instrumentation, staging, lighting and costumes.

The show is held every Thursday and lasts 90 minutes with a 15-minute break for the audience. In the lively atmosphere of the Canary Islands, come and discover the range of flamenco styles at the hand of Fran Chafino and his unique cast of musicians and dancers.


I can’t understand some of the negative reviews I read about this show - we saw it last night and it was so good! The dancers were real professionals, the costumes were beautiful and really nice quality (we’ve seen some more expensive shows where the costumes were very tatty), the live music was superb and the venue was uncluttered and modern. The tables are nicely spaced - they don’t cram you in like sardines in a tin. There is table service throughout the show. All the dancers were so good and the lead dancer’s footwork took my breath away! I highly recommend this show but do book early to get a seat as it is very popular.
Great dancers and coreography but music not authentic flamenco, no singers or live musicians, extremely loud music if you are sensitive to very loud sounds (totally obscuring the castanettes from the dancers and rythmic steps), seating at round tables/not great view in the back, inefficient check in, more of a ballet show. Been to several flamenco shows and this one is least favorite. Not worth 45 euros. Rarely give a 3* rating but this is dissapointing.
A colourful and exuberant show, lasting about 2 hours. Very professional singing and dancing. Venue is in a large, smart hotel called the Victoria, in Costa Adeje. Quite intimate, about a 120 people. VIP table was well placed. Flamenco, so got a taste of Spain.
A wonderfully choreographed and mesmerising spectacle. There are some negative reviews on here and I wonder if they saw the same show. Truly wonderful experience and the highlight of our holiday. The dancing and costumes are beautiful and the level of energy and passion for flamenco by the troupe of dancers was matched by the reaction of the audience.
I've been to several flamenco shows. Unfortunately, this evening in Tenerife I consider wasted. I would have spent the 100 euros much better buying another shirt instead of tickets. At other shows, people are really having fun. Here, only the soloist was really having fun. You can see that it's his passion. I got the impression that sometimes he felt like Freddie Mercury at Wembley. Unfortunately, it's not that scale. People who have already had the opportunity to watch flamenco elsewhere should definitely be avoided.
I thank GF Victoria for the good taste for providing his clients with a show of such professional quality and good work. Couldn't they perform on other weekend days? To assist with the family that visits us. Thank you
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