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Flamenco Barcelona

Flamenco Barcelona

4.4 (1402 reviews)
4.4 (1402 reviews)
from 25.00 €
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Rambla de Catalunya, 2, 08007 Barcelona (Barcelona) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
17:00 | 17:30 | 18:45 | 19:00 | 20:30 | 22:00
55 min
190 people
8 performers
8 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Flamenco Barcelona is a performance held in the old Teatro Barcelona, a renovated nineteenth century theatre that is currently known as City Hall. The venue is located in the city center of Barcelona close to the Plaça Catalunya. Ticket options for the show include four different sections including a VIP zone.

The show in Flamenco Barcelona lasts approximately one hour and is comprised of eight different performers. Featuring flamenco song, guitar and dance, the performance conveys all of the passion and magic of flamenco, one of the richest and most complex traditions which has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

The theatre was restored to give it a more modern and sophisticated feel without losing the charm of the original construction. The renovations preserved the classic profile bulbs, stage space, velvet curtains and more, while the special attention was paid in the installation of modern technical and sound equipment.


Amazing show!! Very high quality dancing and music! The location was also very easy to access, and the price is reasonable.
This is a really hard rating to give, as I truly don’t feel the performers deserve a three but, unfortunately, the experience as a whole does. I’ll start off by saying that the dancers were incredible and my fiancé and I were truly captivated by the show from the very beginning. Our favourite was the woman in black, as she really demonstrated such passion and emotion when dancing, which made for a spectacular finale. We’ve never seen Flamenco before so we’re not sure how traditional the dancing was but, either way, we were impressed. There was a 12-15 minute guitar interlude in the middle of the performance, which was nice, but meant that the performance itself didn’t really last for an hour - we didn’t mind this too much though. The part that really let it down was the staff and the way we were treated. We had VIP tickets, which weren’t cheap, just so we could sit on the balcony, as we were aware that the theatre was at one-level (bar the very back) and we wanted to make sure we could see. When we arrived, we were the first in line and the man said the seats are on a completely first come first served basis, so we were excited to get our balcony seats. After heading downstairs, the woman we showed our ticket to told us that we wouldn’t be allowed to sit on the balcony as there was a reservation on the balcony, which disappointed us as there was nothing written anywhere on the website or in person suggesting that you could do that. She said that, if there was still space before the show, we could move there. From then on, she largely ignored us after bringing our drinks over, gave us dirty looks and never said another word about the balcony. Then, a group of 5 women arrived around 10 minutes prior to the show and took their places in VIP on the front row near us. The same woman who worked there took their drinks orders, was laughing and joking with them and, to our horror, offered them places on the balcony instantly, right in front of our faces without them even asking. This really made me angry, so I interjected and told her we were going to sit there if it was available as we were the first people to arrive and that we had already asked. She looked a bit shocked by my boldness but she had blatantly told us no but was offering the same places to a group of women she seemed to prefer - we paid enough for the tickets so I wasn’t going to allow such a thing to happen. My fiancé and I are both black and have a radar for when we’re being discriminated against and not being given the same treatment as others for that reason - this was one of those moments. I don’t even believe there was a reservation at all in the first place. Whether there was or wasn’t, what happened with the staff member made us feel unwelcome and annoyed from the get-go. The theatre was a small and intimate venue which I liked, but it would have been nice to have seen seating rows on different levels so that everyone could see properly, as I could see some people struggling. The toilets were dark and grubby too, which wasn’t nice. It’s a real shame to say that, despite the performance being wonderful, we were treated like garbage by that particular staff member and it really ruined the experience. Kudos to the dancers and singers though as they are so talented and definitely worth watching - they seem incredibly passionate about their craft.
A very well done 45 minute show. Sat in row 3. Great music. A well made show. Worth a watch
After reading other reviews, we were not too sure about going to this show - however, we really enjoyed it. There were four dancers who each did their dance to either a backing singer or backing people clapping a beat. Near the end, the audience were asked to participate with clapping a beat for the dancers. The theartre is not overly big so you will still have a good view if you choose the cheaper band seats.
It was the best thing I've ever spent €30 on! Just about right amount of people fit there, not so many. Before the show you can take a drink (one drink is for free with your ticket).
Such a fun experience! We absolutely loved the show, the music and dancers were incredible. I just wish I knew the seating was all going to be one level not like stadium seating. It was a little hard to see but we still really enjoyed it and would highly recommend!
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