Ordering tickets

From any venue page on FlamencoTickets.com you can select the date and time you wish to see the show.  Then click the calendar button to see the available dates for shows.  After selecting your date, select the session for the date and click the “Next” button.  On the following page indicate the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase and click the “Proceed to check out” button.  Fill out the form and proceed to the following page to submit your payment information. We will send you a final confirmation email which you can print and present at the door for entry.

Student ticket prices are available for some venues. To see student prices for a specific venue select the dates on the venue page in FlamencoTickets.com and click “Next”.  You can consult the options for student prices on the following page.  Please note a valid student ID is required when you arrive at the venue.

On the city pages you can find the “prices from” for each venue, indicating the lowest price for a show in a specific venue.  If you would like to see the prices for all available ticket options on a given date, simply go to the venue page on FlamencoTickets.com, select your date / time and click “Next" to consult the prices of the different ticket options.

In some venues we can offer instant confirmation for your ticket reservation so you can purchase and print your confirmation email in just a few minutes.  In other venues you will receive your confirmation as soon as the booking process is completed.

It is not necessary to pick up tickets before the show.  Simply bring a copy of the confirmation email and a photo ID the night of the show and present them at the door for entry.  In a few cases we may email you tickets which must be printed and presented at the venue for entry.

Depending on availability, for most venues it is possible to reserve up until 15 minutes before the show.  In some cases for same day reservations online orders may be required to be processed before a specific time.  You can always contact us by phone if you have any questions: (+34) 954 324 983.

For most venues the reservation is made directly with the establishment and physical tickets are not necessary. In a few cases we may email you tickets which must be printed and presented at the venue for entry.  You will receive a detailed email confirmation indicating the time and date of the show, instructions for arriving to the venue and the establishment's contact information. When you arrive you should present the confirmation email together with a photo ID (Passport, National Identity card) for entry. The venue will already have your reservation recorded in their system.

In many establishments we can arrange for you the present a passport or other photo ID at the door should you not be able to print your confirmation email.  You can also present a copy of your confirmation email on your Smartphone.

It is possible to buy tickets as a gift.  Once your order has been placed please send us an email to indicate the name under which you would like the reservation to be held.  If you require a gift receipt without the prices please contact customer service at info@flamencotickets.com.

Most venues offer discounts for children.  To see children’s prices for a specific venue select the date and session you wish to attend and click the “Next” button.  You can consult the options for children’s prices on the following page.  Please note in a very limited number of venues there may be restrictions for entry with children.  You can find any restrictions on the venue page in FlamencoTickets.com within the "Ticket Information" section.

Payment and credit cards

We use PayPal to process online transacations and offer a wide variety of payment options. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well debit cards and PayPal (for payment without a credit card for registered PayPal users).  For groups payment by bank transfer can be arranged.  In this case we will provide the bank account information during the confirmation process.

For all venues the charge will be made by FlamencoTickets.com at the time of final confirmation of your reservation. For all orders made online, charges will appear on your credit card statement as "Flamencotickets" or "Flamtickets".  The reservation conditions can be found on the reservation form specific to the venue. 

We use PayPal which allows you to securely make a payment with a credit card. Payment by bank transfer is possible only for group orders.  If you have questions about our security and privacy policy please consult the “Security & Privacy” section of our FAQ.

If you have problems with a specific credit card we recommend contacting your bank or you can try a different credit card to secure your order. You can also pay with PayPal, which does not require a credit card.

The CVV number is the 3-digit code found on the back of the card, generally located on the signature strip of most cards. For American Express cards the number is 4 digits, and usually found on the same side of the card number and expiration date.

Refunds and changes

Cancellations must be made in writing by e-mail (info@flamencotickets.com). When cancelling the order, please indicate your order number. We will confirm the cancellation via email. On our website you can find the conditions and cancellation policy specific to each venue.  Group reservations have separate cancellation policies. In the case of group bookings we will inform you of the conditions and cancellation policy during the booking process.

Changes in reservation dates must be made in writing. In general it is not a problem to change dates, but please keep in mind that for some venues changes in dates may not be possible, or dates may be fully booked when changes are made with little notice. You can find the specific conditions for each establishment on each reservation form. Special conditions apply for changes to group reservations.

Should you wish to add tickets to an existing order please contact Customer Service at info@flamencotickets.com. Please provide us with your order number, the date of the show and the details of the change you wish to make.  Alternately you can order additional tickets for the same show directly through the web site.  Then send us an email and we can arrange for seating together with your previous order.

Venue, show and meal information

Seating depends on the individual venue.  Most venues have general admission seating, based upon your arrival time. We have special arrangements with some establishments to offer preferred seating for our customers.

Photo and video camera policies differ for each venue.  Most ask that you refrain from taking flash photos and extended video during the performances.  Some may ask that you take photos at the end of the show.  If you would like to know the policy specific to a venue please contact us and we would be happy to verify this for you.

In many cases alternatives and special meals can be prepared for those with gluten allergies, dietary restrictions, vegetarians and more.  Please contact us with the name of the venue and we can inform you of the specific options in advance.  Non-alcoholic drinks are always offered as an option in any venue with drink service.

As a general rule we recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the show time.  However, schedules and times can vary depending on the venue and services (dinner, transport, etc.).  We always include the exact details in your final confirmation email with all of the necessary information for your ticket package. 

You can find the address of the venue in the confirmation email and a map of the location on the venue page on FlamencoTickets.com.  You can also visit Google Maps or Bing Maps and enter the address of the venue along with your departure point.  The address can also be found at the top of each venue page.

Groups and special needs

We can help organize corporate events, family and student groups, weddings, birthdays and more.  In most cases we can offer group pricing and special menu options. If you would like to request more information for a specifc venue simply navigate to the venue page on FlamencoTickets.com, select the date and session and click the "Next" button.  On the following page you will find a link to the group request form for the specific venue.  To request more information for your group you can also contact us at info@flamencotickets.com.

We are happy to assist with special requirements for seating.  Simply contact us with your with your specific requirements and the venue.  We can inform you in detail about the options.

Security and privacy

You can find our complete privacy policy on the following page:

We use Paypal to encrypt all of your personal and payment information.  We also have a detailed security policy including physical and virtual safeguards which are in place to protect your data. 

No – we value our customer’s privacy just as we value our own.  We don’t like receiving promotional or unsolicited emails so we will never rent, sell or trade any of your personal information.  You will receive communications from us regarding your order status and any updates to schedules as it pertains to your order should it be necessary.