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Noche Flamenca

Noche Flamenca

4.5 (415 reviews)
4.5 (415 reviews)
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Avenida del Litoral s/n (Restaurante Blue Dolphin), 29680 Estepona (Málaga) - Spain | View map
60 min
100 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Noche Flamenca is a flamenco show at the Blue Dolphin Restaurant in Estepona. Enjoy flamenco on the beach admiring the sunset with a dinner-show in the tradition of a tablao flamenco, a symbol of Andalusian character. The evening begins with a welcome glass of sangria before dinner that includes a variety of grilled meats. The show begins after the meal, with large tables around the stage where the artists will perform with the sea as a backdrop.

Noche Flamenca’s group is comprised of four artists: two dancers accompanied by a guitarist and a singer. The performance is a tour of flamenco styles such as Sevillanas, Alegrías, Tangos, Fandangos de Huelva, Soleá por Bulerías. Feel all the flamenco passion in a show full of emotion and color, with an incomparable artistic quality.


Well, it was all rather disappointing, really. It started well with a nice welcome from the waitors and a charming traditional old wooden chirunguito with the waves lapping up against it. From then on, it was poor. The service was slow even though the menu was small and the place was less than half full. It then appeared that a table of 8 arrived and seemed to get priority over all the other diners. One couple got up and left without eating. When the Tuna steak finally arrived, it was completely overcooked, even though we had insisted on it being rare. There are obviously issues as to how it is run and I hope that they can be resolved, but we will not be returning.
We have been to the flamenco show and bbq dinner twice this year. The food is served family style and is delicious Dinner is served before the show starts. After a greeting with a glass of sangria, salads are served. They are beautiful and delicious. Next up is the chorizo criollo also very good. Potatoes cooked with lemon and salt are served with mojo picón sauce. Perfect!! The next meat off the grill is chicken, then pork, then beef. All are expertly prepared. Just in case you’re still hungry, the fabulous hosts offer more of each dish. There are bottles of wine on every table and they are generously replaced as the evening flows. Dessert is a beautifully presented fruit plate. A champagne (cava) fountain kicks off the flamenco show. Incredible musicians and dancers make this show one of our favorites!! This is a do not miss evening. Book now!!
Fantastic service, great food available. Multilingual staff, excellent setting, we saw dolphins! The King prawns were delicious. Would highly recommend this place! Thank you.
Been to here few times, but last time is going to be true last. Staff is slow like snails and not welcoming. Ordered 2 simplest drinks, exactly 15min later table was still empty, so we stood up and left. Bar tender ran after us to say that we are not welcomed anymore. What a joke! Went down the promenade to another bar and had a great time....
We reserved for the flamenco night after we had a lunch here earlier this week. We were joined together with a very nice family and had an excellent evening. Great meat, salad, sangria, wine and Spanish champagne ;-) called Cava after that the flamenco show started which was really good. You all should go at least one time here during your stay. Recommended
Wonderful. Sitting by the sea with a drink enjoying the view. Lovely service and very good food.
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Feel the flamenco

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