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Gran Gala Flamenco 1

Gran Gala Flamenco 1

4.7 (81 reviews)
4.7 (81 reviews)
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Carrer del Palau de la Música, 4-6, 08003 Barcelona (Barcelona) - Spain | View map
Mo, Sa
19:00 | 20:00
19:00 | 20:00 | 21:00
20:00 | 21:00
20:00 | 21:00 | 21:30
75 min | 105 min
1900 people
9-11 performers
9-11 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

"The excitement and passion of the world of gypsy dance"
The Gran Gala Flamenco is held within the Palau de la Música Catalana in the Sala Gran (Main Hall), referred to by many as one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world.  The Palau de la Música Catalana (Palace of Catalan Music) is the work of architect  Lluís Domènech i Montaner, and considered to be one of the best examples of modernista style of Catalan architecture.  The theater hosts the flamenco show Gran Gala Flamenco on a seasonal basis. Tickets to the show are available in three categories: VIP area (stalls), Category A (first floor) and Category B (second floor). A limited number of shows are held in the Petit Palau, a smaller, modern concert hall located in the same building.

In Gran Gala Flamenco the spectator will be able to discover the intensity of the passion in gypsy life over time, moving through the different “palos” of flamenco (rhythmic patterns such as bulería, festive and happy; solea, solemn and intense; alegría, dynamic and fluid; tango, guajira, farruca,…). Introducing the new Catalonian generation of flamenco artists, Gran Gala Flamenco offers a perfect union of heart and soul, music and dance, passion and rhythm.

Artistic Cast:
Guitar - Juan Gómez "Chicuelo", Santiago Amaya "El Tati"
Percussion - Jacobo Sanchez
Violin - Carlos Caro
Singers - Raul Leiva Amador, Joaquin “El Duende”
Dancers - Vanesa Gálvez “La Lirio”, Maria José González, Nacho Blanco, Iván Alcalá
Musical Direction - Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”

*cast subject to change


Remarkable performance from talented artists and beautiful wardrobe. The only challenge was the audience - worst audience I've ever experienced in my life. People talking, taking flash photos and videos, turning on their flashlights, and half the people left during the show. It was shocking. My plea to humankind: phones go on mute and in your pocket for any theater or movie performance from here on out, please!!
Amazing building. Show was ok but that was our fault for chosing badly. The staff were, sadly, very very rude. The way they spoke to people who asked questions regarding seats was childish and petulant. I mean.... calm down guy... you're an usher in a theatre.
A wonderful show. The venue is beautiful. The music, the singing and dancing at its finest.
I was skeptical about this show based on small number of reviews which came as a surprise to me after seeing the show. This is an amazing show in a beautiful venue. Everything is being done with excellent quality from sound, lighting, and performance. It was so magnificent and captivating. I would definitely recommend it.
Low cost production. Got charged for VIP tickets and the seats assigned were all the way back. People packed like sardines
Excellent show with most amazing and talented cast. The venue was equally magnificent! And yes where you sit matters. The reviews helped us to find the best seats. I think the venue should advise about the view when selling tickets.
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Feel the flamenco

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