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Antojo Flamenco Málaga

Antojo Flamenco Málaga

4.1 (344 reviews)
4.1 (344 reviews)
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Calle San Lorenzo, 25, 29001 Málaga (Málaga) - Spain | View map
70 min
80 people
9 performers
9 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Antojo Flamenco Malaga is located in the modern and trendy neighborhood of SOHO, in the center of Malaga close to the port. This is a versatile and multifunctional venue, able to offer the best audiovisual quality to flamenco lovers, so they can appreciate this art in a more comprehensive way. The project embodies the fusion of tradition, creative exploration, remembrance and the avant-garde. A magical cauldron where flamenco from Malaga is born.

The flamenco show "Tierra Mía" offered on stage at Antojo Flamenco Málaga is an intense and immersive experience, which accentuates the typical style of this area. As in many other regions, flamenco in Malaga has its own hallmark, and even its own style, "Malageñas", which is unmistakable for its musical cadence and enchanting rhythm. Moreover, in the course of the show, the spectators will get to know other regional flamenco styles, for example, Rondeñas, Saetas and Seguidillas de la Semana Santa, Alegrias and Solea.

Antojo Flamenco Malaga is a project that aims to become the cultural and gastronomic center of the city of Malaga, where both tourists and local audiences can enjoy pure and elegant flamenco, passion and emotion, feeling the very essence of the Andalusian land.


Terrible experience in every way. Just trying to rip you off.
What a great show! 100% art. Unexpected story-telling and tour of Andalucia via flamenco - very accessible. The dancers were mesmerizing. The musicians filled the space. I lost the time and was transfixed. Totally checked my box for seeing live flamenco while in Spain. And the food???? So tasty, and abundant! We had enough to take home and we ate leftovers for another two meals! The host and servers were friendly and engaging. The site is welcoming and comfortable. Thank you, Antojo Málaga! I will return!
Excellent place to snack and enjoy. The service is super friendly, and the menu is very very accurate. Good price and very good quality. Totally recommended!!!
Great tapas, friendly staff, beautiful flamenco, highly recommended
A very complete and pleasant place. We went to enjoy a flamenco show and took the opportunity to snack on something in the same place. The truth that has surprised us a lot. I recommend 100%!!
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Feel the flamenco

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