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Tablaito La Gloria

Tablaito La Gloria

4.1 (10 reviews)
4.1 (10 reviews)
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Calle del Águila, 25, 28005 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
75 min
40 people
3-4 performers
3-4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Tablaito La Gloria is located in Madrid near the Puerta de Toledo. This private and independent initiative is under the direction of artist and Sevillian teacher Elena Andújar, director of the Elena Andújar Flamenco School where El Tablaito La Gloria was founded. It is the only tablao that teaches flamenco as part of the show.

Tablaito La Gloria unites audiences and artists in a warm and genuine atmosphere. Enjoy a show with great artists preceded by a Masterclass which allows you to really experience flamenco in a unique way. The class provides explanations of the origins of flamenco, including basic introductions to distinguish the different flamenco styles in a fun and educational way. Then everything is put it into practice together with the flamenco group. All in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Why not get to know flamenco from a different point of view? Why not know it, from within? This initiative carries out the teaching, diffusion, dissemination and promotion of flamenco, where the space, spectator and artistic proposals come together in an unforgettable experience. The artist is formed, knows, explores and grows in flamenco in a more dynamic spectacle, making the audience an accomplice in a close, active and profound way.


Very familiar and welcoming atmosphere. I really enjoyed the show
Very familiar and cozy atmosphere. I really enjoyed the show
A place where you feel at home, we had a great time! And what art!!! I will be back for sure!!!
A place where you feel at home, we had a great time! And what art!!! I will return for sure!!!
A very unique and cozy place with a lot of art
Gypsy Easter was an incredible event... and Elena Andujar was an incomparable teacher. 💃🎶🥂
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Feel the flamenco

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