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Flamenco en el Backstage

Flamenco en el Backstage

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Calle de la Cabeza, 15, 28015 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
90 min
60 people
3 performers
3 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Flamenco en el Backstage is a performance presented by Pablo Rubén Maldonado in the heart of the city of Madrid. Imagine being able to witness a peculiar rehearsal of three great artists, uniting their talent to unleash all their creativity. An almost casual encounter, in which spontaneity and improvisation will predominate; These two elements carry a risk, but the risk when sailing between the souls of great artists comes to fruition loaded with genius and beauty.

Flamenco en el Backstage offers the audience an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of this beautiful art under the guidance of Pablo Rubén Maldonado, one of the best flamenco pianists and director of the show. The show achieves a naturalness and closeness between artists and audience where spectators feel like they are relaxing in their own living room, and inevitably become a part of the artists’ conversations and anecdotes. And, most importantly, those who have witnessed the show claim that the energy that it generates is of such transcendence that they are able to live and feel flamenco like they have never experienced before. The Backstage is addictive.

The artists who regularly visit and leave their imprint at Flamenco en el Backstage include such major figures as Rafael Jiménez el Falo, Juañares, Joaquín Ruiz, Ana Salazar, Enrique el Piculabe, Marcos Flores, Juan José Suárez Paquete, María Toledo, Naike Ponce, María Mezcle, Sandra Carrasco, Israel Fernández, Pol Vaquero, Nino de los Reyes, Sorderita, José Carmona, Mayte Maya, Chelo Pantoja, Nieves Hidalgo...

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Feel the flamenco

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