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Flamenco La Petenera

Flamenco La Petenera

4.8 (221 reviews)
4.8 (221 reviews)
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Cuesta de Santa Inés, 6, 18010 Granada (Granada) - Spain | View map
60 min
69 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Flamenco La Petenera was founded with the purpose of showing locals and visitors the depth of the flamenco experience in the Albayzin. The best flamenco shows can now be seen at the Palacio de los Olvidados. Every week the venue takes a selection of top-level artists who, with their art, manage to express what flamenco is and what it means.

The show in Flamenco La Petenera is a journey through the different styles of flamenco to give the spectator a true appreciation of why it is such a special musical genre. All at the hands of artists from Granada and Andalusia. Guitarists, singers and dancers with experience, but also promises, who fill one of the most beautiful corners of the province with light and art. Not only for its artists, but also for its location: visiting Flamenco La Petenera is visiting one of the best flamenco tablaos in Granada. Special care has been taken in the decoration, sound and security of the venue so the most authentic flamenco can be enjoyed in the first person.

Located on the Cuesta Santa Inés Nº 6 in the heart of neighborhood known as Albayzín Bajo is the Palacio de los Olvidados, an historic building from the 16th century and home of Tablao Flamenco La Petenera. The Albayzín quarter, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, is a neighborhood at the foot of the Alhambra that complements the architectural beauty of the Nasrid palace, with the charming that transport one to the Islamic roots of Granada.


Best so far 4 artist extremely talented
The voice! The guitar! But, especially, the dance! Incredibly good. A memorable hour. The real thing, not a rip-off joint. These are people who care passionately about their art and this passion informs the performance.
Very focused and passionate performance of the crew consisting of guitar player, singer and two dancers. Very entertaining introduction to Flamenco!
Talented actors, magnificent show, super singer, guitar player and dancers. Must see!
I found this show by accident wondering up an alley in Granada. It literally blew me away. Absolutely incredible 👍👍👍
amazing performance! the entire group is so skilled; definitely one of the coolest performances I've ever been to. would recommend la petenera specifically for a great first-time flamenco experience.
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