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Tablao Flamenco Cordobés

Tablao Flamenco Cordobés

4.4 (1799 reviews)
4.4 (1799 reviews)
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La Rambla, 35, 08002 Barcelona (Barcelona) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
19:15 | 21:00 | 22:30
60 min
180 people
8 performers
8 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Tablao Flamenco Cordobés, now celebrating its 47th anniversary, was founded in 1970 and remains today a focal point of the national flamenco scene. The venue was designed and decorated in the typical nazarí style, indicative of the city of Granada and the famous Alhambra. The ornate craftsmanship of this style creates a refined, warm and elegant atmosphere for watching a flamenco show. The location in the La Rambla quarter is the center of activity in Barcelona where over the years several theatres, music cafes and flamenco venues have opened. Likely the most famous quarter of Barcelona, it is a crossroads of the city's cosmopolitan culture: one can find music from jazz to flamenco as well as gastronomy, markets like La Boquería, and a variety of shops.

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes offers several options for tickets, including the "Grand Tasting Festival" before the show, a gastronomic tour of the different Spanish regions through more than 44 specialties designed by renowned chef Jordi Narro. Served buffet style the dinner includes unlimited drinks. There is also the option to attend the show with only a drink. After the meal guests move to the adjacent tablao where the flamenco show is held, ensuring a performance without distraction. Those with dinner tickets receive preferential seating for the flamenco performance. The shows include a regular rotation of artists and choreographies which is one of the reasons so many return to visit the tablao. The performances last approximately one hour and feature up to fourteen different regionally and nationally recognized flamenco artists. Spectators can enjoy a show covering a range of flamenco styles, interpreted through cante (vocals), guitar and dance.

The history of this flamenco venue in La Rambla of Barcelona is intertwined with the city's rich tradition of flamenco over the last half century. Some of the most important names in flamenco (Camarón, Farruco, and Fernanda y Bernarda are just a few) were part of the opening of this tablao along with its founders, Luis Adame (guitarist) and his wife, the flamenco dancer Irene Alba. This tradition continues today with dancers such as Belén Maya, Eva La Yerbabuena, Israel Galván and Rafael de Carmen amongst others. Famous visitors include Enrique Morente and Cristina Hoyos both of whom stopped to visit and enjoy the show in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. Farruquito considers the tablao a very special place, as it was here where many members of his family have worked, including his grandfather Farruco. And this why he performed solely in this tablao as part of the celebration of the 45th anniversary of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes.


This was a spectacular Flamenco performance, so much passion and skill it was beautiful to see. The whole evening was perfect organised with first a diner with tapas and drinks and after the show. It was a on forgettable nicht
Immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of the flamenco show, I found myself transported to another world. Before the performance, I indulged in a delectable buffet spread, savoring every bite of the culinary delights on offer. From savory tapas to decadent desserts, the flavors danced on my palate, setting the stage for the spectacle to come. As the dancers took to the stage, their passionate movements and emotive expressions held me captive. Each twirl and flourish spoke volumes, weaving a narrative of love, longing, and triumph. It was an evening of sensory delight, where the fusion of exquisite cuisine and mesmerizing entertainment created memories to cherish. Truly an experience beyond compare. The best seats are given to those who buy the buffet too so be aware.
Phenomenal experience!!!! The highlight of our stay in Barcelona,definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in culture. We booked the dinner and drinks plus the show. The food was amazing- so delicious with huge variety of options. We had enough time to enjoy the food and then watch the show. I’m speechless about the performance- the dancers and the singers are beyond professional - they were feeling the music,they were the music! Unforgettable experience!!!
Great show! Best Sangria I’ve had and food had lots of different choices. I’m a fairly picky eater and allergic to quite a bit of things and still found plenty to eat. The venue was really neat too. Felt like you were in a cave during the show. Performers were amazing!
Show and drink only. What an absolutely fabulous night, we were treated to some real talent. All dancers, singers and guitar players had such passion and emotion. We really truly enjoyed the night and would recommend to anyone who’s ready for some authentic Spanish culture. Thanks for such a memorable night.
For the longest time ever, I have been interested in different musical and art forms of different cultures and a live flamenco show was something that always alluded me. My wife also happens to be a huge fan of flamenco so it only made sense that we attend one of these shows while visiting Barcelona in February earlier this year. Bought tickets online for the 10pm show. Came with a free drink. Located very centrally at La Rambla. As for the show itself, it was definitely intriguing. The leaflet suggested not to try to interpret it and I tried my best not to interpret. The performers(musicians, dancers and singers) were obviously very talented and super professional and the experience was even so hypnotic to a certain extent that I felt nauseated a bit. Maybe flamenco is not my cup of tea but the musicianship was superb. My wife loved the show and I definitely would rate this as one of of the things one must do while visiting this wonderful city. The reason for the 4 stars was maybe because I had much higher and unrealistic expectations and I was expecting something other worldly. It’s a small intimate space upstairs which made the experience more homelier. If you pay additional you can get dinner and more drinks. But all in all, this was a very good show with very professional staff and hosts. The clientele is also of a certain standard which made the experience nice. No photos or videos are allowed of the show but you can take pictures after the show. They also have atleast have 2 shows or 3 shows a day as well. All in all, would recommend.
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