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Cueva Flamenca La Comino

Cueva Flamenca La Comino

4.8 (501 reviews)
4.8 (501 reviews)
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Carrera del Darro, 7 bajo, 18010 Granada (Granada) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr
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18:30 | 20:00 | 21:30
14:00 | 18:30 | 20:00 | 21:30
70 min
40 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Cueva Flamenca La Comino is located in a former Arab cistern in the heart of the famous Albaicín neighborhood. Located in the legendary Paseo de los Tristes, this tablao offers a show that draws from two sources: tradition and history, as well innovation and elegance. The entire artistic team of the venue strives to respect and maintain the essence of the art of flamenco.

Cueva Flamenca La Comino is a truly magical place, because here, in the intimacy of the historic cistern, the passion and rhythms of the guitar intertwine with the zapateado and the quejío of the vocals. Because of the small size of the cave, the show takes place in a warm and exclusive atmosphere.

The visit to this tablao becomes the highlight of a trip to Granada for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Apart from the shows, there is also an exclusive selection of dishes featuring Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine, completing a unique and balanced experience of flamenco and gastronomy from the region of Granada.


The artists (dancers, guitar player and singer) are really talented and give a great performance. However keep in mind that there is no introduction or any information given on flamenco (origin, symbolism etc) prior to the performance. It is just a one hour show with an intermission. That said, it is a very intense and intimate experience, enhanced by the cave setting and the wooden floor, which transmits the vibrations of the loud steps, from the floor ilto the core of your body. It is mesmerizing. The location is very convenient as it is in the flat part of Granada and not high in Albayzin, so if you are exhausted after a full day of sightseeing (as I was), it is easily accessible. My advice: because the show lasts only one hour, I think that it is better to only take the drink option, as having the tapas looked like a waste of money. The show was over and people stayed, still munching, while the rest of us were leaving. It made no sense to me, but that's just my opinion. Furthermore, one of the "tapas" was some type of crackers (I could not see clearly), in a small plastic bag. It was very annoying to hear the noise of the ruffling bag as people were digging there hands in during the performance.
It wasn't my first flamenco show at all, but experiencing flamenco in a cueva has become something very special for me, something I would never have expected. You can feel the movements and the power of this art in a very special way. Plus, the incredible energy of all the performers - ¡genial! I am very grateful to have been there, more or less by chance, and can only recommend it to everyone.
Amazing performance! It was so exciting and touching story. I cried several times so I couldn’t resist. Fita awakened all the great feelings in me. She expressed great emotions. What a wonderful woman. I can’t say anything less about Monica and her fascinating dance, nor about the male dancer… and what can I say about the guitarist except Wonderful! Thank you all.
Friendly staff. Great performance. The show takes place in the cellar(cueva). The accoustics where great
Fabulous performance demonstrating passion, skill and pride in tradition. Venue was intimate and comfortable in a good location. Front of house were welcoming and professional. Eugenia at the front door was engaging with no pressure to buy but her genuine manner convinced me this was the place to experience flamenco. Great value as the performance lasted well over an hour.
We experienced flamenco in the cueva this week. It was excellent. The bailars Carmen and Joaquín were fantastic, so precise, yet free in their dance abd so expressive , the Tocaor played his guitar and Cantaor sang so much in tune with the dancers. It was great.
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