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Corral de la Moreria

Corral de la Moreria

4.5 (3231 reviews)
4.5 (3231 reviews)
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Calle de la Moreria, 17, 28005 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Su
19:30 | 21:30 | 22:30
19:30 | 20:00 | 22:55 | 23:15
13:30 | 15:30 | 19:30 | 20:00 | 22:55 | 23:15
70 min
140 people
11 performers
11 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Corral de la Moreria is located in the center of Madrid, very close to the Royal Palace. The tablao was founded by Manuel del Rey in 1956, making it one of the oldest, continuously run flamenco establishments in the country. The ambience is historic, and the decoration features items and architectural details from the 18th and 19th centuries, creating a traditional atmosphere typical of the oldest tablaos. It is the stage where the most important artists have performed in the history of flamenco, and therefore the most important stage in history of flamenco (Paco de Lucia premiered "Entre Dos Aguas", Camarón went on stage when he was 13 years old, Pastora Imperio, Antonio Gades, El Cigala, Mario Maya, Blanca del Rey and a very long list of additional performers).

In addition to being a flamenco tablao, Corral de la Morería is a show production center, a choreographic production center and a music production center. Its owner and artistic director Blanca del Rey has toured the most important theaters in the world with her company and received in recent years, among many others, the following awards:

National Flamenco Award
Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts, presented by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain.
Corral de la Morería is proud of its gallery of awards and prizes, as well as the attention and recognition from the most important figures in the international art world:

  • Award for "Best Restaurant of the Year in Madrid".
  • It has received the Award for Best Flamenco Tablao in the World.
  • It is the only restaurant with show in the world awarded a Michelin Star.
  • It is considered by the specialized press as the Best Flamenco Tablao in the World.
  • It has been selected in the book "1000 Places To See Before You Die", No. 1 best seller of the New York Times.
  • It has the best flamenco programming in Spain with National Dance and Flamenco Awards.
  • Has been awarded the National Gastronomy Award.
  • Awarded the Most Innovative Restaurant by the Madrid Academy of Gastronomy.
  • Its owner and artistic director, Blanca del Rey, is one of the most important choreographers and dancers in the history of flamenco.
  • It is the flamenco tablao visited by the great personalities of the world such as: Jennifer Aniston, Harrison Ford, U2, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Hugh Grant, Demi Moore, Samuel L. Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Adrien Brody, Sandra Bullock, Richard Gere, Benicio del Toro and many more...


One of my favorite experiences in Madrid! I tried to be in the moment so took no photos and only this one video. The first singer had me tearing up with the beauty of her voice. The dancers were so amazing. I was obsessed with the energy and execution of the flamenco, especially Eduardo Guerrero who was riveting. Definitely recommend.
Amazing show ! Singers and dancers did amazing , one of the best flamenco performances in the city. Recommend arriving 10 min before your reservation. I do not know how their seat assignment works, but definitely it is not first come first serve. The service was okay, the restaurant is so full they are unable to fulfill all of the tables rapidly. Food was good but not great.
Breathtaking, even on a Monday night. The food was very well presented, service excellent, but maybe a 7/10 on taste (Americans, one loves savory strong flavors, the other likes subtle clean flavors). The show was amazing, an emotional experience that drew us in at every turn. (The videos don’t do the performance justice) Book it! Tips: - Get your reservations a couple months out (we think this is why we had such a good table) - Show up max 10 min early, we were 30 min early, and they told us to come back max 10 min before the show, and when we did show back up there was a line, but seats aren’t first come first serve, we believe it’s based on when you made the reservation.
I'm so glad our guide convinced us and was able to get us a reservation at a very short notice. The show is breathing, very passionate and authentic. Nothing that I have seen before in any flamenco shows touring in New York city, and I have seen quite a few. We enjoyed every moment. The food was great as well. I think it was the best lamb I have ever eaten, hands down. Highly recommend to order it here. The whole experience was well worth the money. Would come again if visiting Madrid in the future.
How this restaurant obtained 1 Michelin star is a surprise to me. Simple cooking without any wow factor in the products. No vegetables? Service is much lower than what you should be able to expect from a 1 star. It’s like they are rushing to finish serving out the dishes. No personal attention like topping up water, removing crumbs. Bread served without anything. Water served in a wine glass? Small tables with uncomfortable chairs are crammed together maybe 15 cms space in between. Bad setup to get a good view of the stage. Reservation for 17:30, opens at 17:30 sharp. Flamenco show was ok, not the best I have experienced in Spain. The package is not worth the money.
This restaurant is a must-visit for its exceptional flamenco show and exquisite cuisine. I can attest to the high-quality performances and diverse, delicious menu options. Though it's not the cheapest experience, it's definitely worth the investment. Booking in advance is advised, especially if you want good seats near the stage. Highly recommended for a memorable evening.
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