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Venta El Gallo

Venta El Gallo

4.4 (995 reviews)
4.4 (995 reviews)
from 22.00 €
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Barranco de los Negros, 5, 18010 Granada (Granada) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
60 min
140 people
10 performers
10 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Venta El Gallo is located in the Sacromonte quarter of Granada, overlooking the Alhambra and Albaicin neighborhood. This quarter of the city is famous for its cave houses as well as widely known in the flamenco world as the birthplace of Zambra style flamenco. Zambra style flamenco is a typical form of flamenco often performed in gypsy weddings and is now a popular style for shows in the caves of Sacromonte. This Zambra style of flamenco is the highlight of the performances in Venta El Gallo.

The setting, in a traditional cave home within the Sacromonte quarter of Granada, is an important part of the atmosphere of the flamenco show in Venta El Gallo. Up to ten different performers take part in the two nightly shows, and seating along the whitewashed cave walls give spectators a close up view of some of the city's best flamenco artists. This is one of the best reasons to attend a flamenco show in the caves of Sacromonte: the proximity to the performance is contagious, where guests will feel the true passion and color of traditional flamenco. The cave itself holds up to one hundred forty people. There are options for the show with drink or a fixed price menu. The restaurant, serves typical and traditional cuisine from Granada, with an arab-andalusí influence.


Went to a glance to show. 22€ and one drink is included. Enjoyed with the show, dancers and musicians seemed quite professional.
It is well worth booking the dinner and show package which is very good value. We requested a seat on the terrace which they kindly arranged and had an excellent dinner with amazing views over Alhambra. The show itself was wonderful and your ticket includes a couple of free drinks.
Been there in the afternoon for drinks and tapitas, it was wonderful! Came back the same day for the Flamenco show, and it was simply hypnotizing! One hour felt like 10 minutes. It might be a tourist thing, but oh my god it is worth every penny!!!! The place is a 5 minutes taxi from city centre, about 5 euro for 3 people. If you have the chance, DO NOT MISS IT!! There is not enough compliments to this place. Much love! 💕 + The kid at the end of the show was the highlight!
If you can get to it - Do it! The raw passion was palpable. We loved the energy and truth the performers bought. Truly a great show. A such gentle and kind service as well.
We’re taken there after a private tour of Granada and Albaicin…the show was fantastic and inexpensive compared to other venues. They include a drink with the price of admission and they also offer food for additional fee.
Dissapointed. Bad experience -I read about this place in a guidebook, it was described as authentic. Maybe it was in the past but now it's not. It's a typical tourist trap. -The staff (owner and manager) are scammers and very dishonest they seat people who had prepaid in bad places to leave the good ones for those who arrive later. (See pictures and story below). -Neither the food nor the show were worth the money spent on this. I would recommend finding other alternatives in Granada. But if you want to try this place, insist on sitting in a good place because they will try to seat you at the back saying that other seats are "reserved". -Dinner is extremely overpriced, such menus are usually for 20-25 euros maximum. You can simply have some drinks in the terrace, and then go to the show. - Dinner is served in two places, on the terrace (which is why I made the reservation in this place) and in the cave, behind the spectators of the show (which is where we were actually seated). When I asked the manager why can't we have dinner on the terrace, he said that it's completely full right now. I went up to see and as you see in the pictures there were 3 empty tables(see pictures) - After I went up and took the pictures the owner came so I told her that we weren't asked where we wanted to have dinner, and that the manager said that the terrace was full while in fact it wasn't at all. She said that "it's because they are reserved". Which is not true because while I was upstairs the same guy asked a waitress if there are empty tables for some people who had just arrived!!!! After ALOT of arguing, the owner said that if we want "later we can have a drink on the terrace". Obviously we didn't because we were already disgusted with everything in that place. -As for the show, the female dancers are not great. The male dancers, the singer and the guitarist were very good.
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