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Torres Bermejas

Torres Bermejas

4.3 (3398 reviews)
4.3 (3398 reviews)
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Calle de Mesonero Romanos, 11, 28013 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
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17:00 | 19:00 | 21:00
15:00 | 17:00 | 19:00 | 21:00
60 min
150 people
20 performers
20 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Torres Bermejas began under the name La Taberna Gitana, one of the first tablaos to emerge on the Madrid flamenco scene in 1949.  The Taberna offered afternoon an evening flamenco shows and enjoyed it's peak in 1956-7 under the direction of the flamenco singer Mariano Sevilla. Sadly it was forced to close only a year later in 1958.  Two years later after extensive renovations the tablao reopened under the name Torres Bermejas with a distinct decor.

The entire venue was created as a reproduction of the salas, or halls, of the Alhambra in Granada.   In the early years Torres Bermejas welcomed a long list of famous flamenco artists such as El Güito, Niño Ricardo, Mario Maya, Chato de la Isla and Manolo Caracol. Later Torres Bermejas became famous as being the only tablao in which Camarón de la Isla performed. It was also here where Camarón de la Isla first met Paco de Lucía.  Each year thousands of fans and admirers of Camarón, including national and international celebrities, come to Torres Bermejas in Madrid for a show and to see where he performed.   

Located in the center of Madrid just of the Gran Via and close to the Plaza Callao, Torres Bermejas offers flamenco shows with options for drinks or several seasonal fixed price dinner menus. Inside the ornate ceilings, walls and woodwork in the style of the Alhambra provide a unique atmosphere in which to enjoy a flamenco performance with dinner and drinks.  The show covers several different styles of flamenco, from soleá to alegría, siguiriya and martinete. Performed by a group comprised of twenty artists: singers, dancers and guitarists, all who come to the stage with national and international reputations in the flamenco world.


Great dancing. Very crowded. Kinda weird since many of the guests were just seated in rows to watch the show (and those of us busy with charcuterie and paella)! My chair at the table was tight against the stage with it to my back and no room to turn around. My family had a great view of all the very loud stomping though!
Great dining! I had the best paella while watching raw, talented flamenco dancers, the best in the city. Management was very accommodating to our needs. A must while in Madrid.
The flamenco show was very impressive. We didn’t have the best seats and I think if you chose to have the dinner and show, it would’ve been a better experience. But overall, I’m giving five stars purely for the show, the seats would be a two out of five to be honest.
Giving the star only for the good performance of the artists(which we saw in bits ) otherwise would be a negative for this purely commercial group! We booked a ticket for show+drinks as it was either that or including food which we don’t prefer. People who did not book dinner, like us, were given terrible seating, completely away from the stage with almost no view, blocked by pillars and people seated in front for dining . Even after making multiple request we were denied any change in seat saying they were fully booked ! Halfway through the show we still see many seats in front empty but they wouldn’t give it to us. I’ve seen flamenco shows earlier and the charm of these shows is the passion to be seen in the face of the artists! Alas, we couldn’t even see that having paid 38€ per person for it !! I would recommend you to not fall for the reviews here if you plan to only go for the show and rather go to a more local setting ! Attaching a pic of the distance we are seated from the stage , as you can see, except for the little bits when the artists looked at us, we could see nothing. And this pic was before we were blocked even further by people who sat in front of us for dining
There was no experience because I couldn't see the show. The seat was in such a bad position that it was impossible to see anything. I bought the normal show + drink option. There's no place to put the drink as well. I didn't see the guy who plays the guitar as well, i didn't know that it was live music until i saw his feet. I asked them to change my seat because I can't see anything, but they didn't help, just told me all the seats are reserved, can't help. I got back and neck pain because of moving my head left and right to get a little view. the sangria was good
What an amazing show! The performers were clearly so passionate and looked like they had a great time with the musicians. Beautiful setting and a great view from every seat in the room
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