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Sala Temple

Sala Temple

4.9 (664 reviews)
4.9 (664 reviews)
from 19.90 €
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Cuesta de San Vicente, 40, Derecha, 28008 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Fr, Sa, Su
19:00 | 21:00
60 min
42 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Sala Temple is a small, intimate venue in Madrid with a capacity of only 40 people. Every weekend it hosts a traditional flamenco show with flamenco guitar, song and dance. The venue is also a cultural space where art is breathed and experienced with great intensity with an interior decorated in industrial style and adorned with paintings by local artists.

Sala Temple relies on some of the best artists in Madrid to form its flamenco group composed of two dancers, a guitarist and singer. The audience will enjoy an unforgettable flamenco experience with each tap of the dancer’s shoes and lament of the singer. Tickets include a drink, while food can be ordered from the menu if desired.


5 stars! We loved both - the service and the show. The show was great - the dancers and the musicians invested so much passion in their art. It was also just the right length - not too short, not too long. The stuff were nice and smiley. I had accidentally booked 4 tickets instead of 2 and they cancelled the 2 wrong ones right away. They also took care that I have received the money back afterwards:)
This place is a hidden gem. Performance was full of passion and emotion. Venue is small and intimate - you will feel and enjoy everything. I love flamenco and would highly recommend this particular place to anyone who has never experienced it.
We had a fabulous experience at Sala Temple, from start to finish. The performance exceeded expectations, with a guitarist, singer, and two dancers (a third joined for the last dance). The staff were very friendly and helpful and the sangria delicious. We didn't order tapas but the tables around us that did seemed to enjoy their food. Highly recommend, 10/10.
What an absolutely wonderful experience on Thursday night! Despite its small size, the place exudes coziness and fosters a great, intimate atmosphere. The staff is friendly and dedicated, taking the time to help guests maximize their enjoyment by providing briefing before the show and collecting feedback afterward. However, the true stars of the show are undoubtedly the dancers, the singer, and especially the guitarist Antonio, who proves himself as the ultimate grandmaster of his instrument. The music and performance they deliver are truly expressive, and mesmerizing. Pure emotions are flying in the air throughout the show moving the audience with a force of a gale. There is no place for a fake or cheep trick on tourists, just pure esence of art and music. Overall, this establishment offers a fantastic immersion into Spanish culture, served with genuine heart and impeccable taste.
Excellent show, it was amazing and we enjoyed it. Recommended if you want to eat, drink and meet the culture about flamenco. People was very kind.
What an amazing place to feel the magic of flamenco for the first time in your life. Every single person who was on the stage - the dancers, the singer and the guitarist - left a footprint in our heart. They felt every step, every melody, every moment.
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