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La Bulería

La Bulería

4.8 (1838 reviews)
4.8 (1838 reviews)
from 65.00 €
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Carrer del Bisbe Jaume Pérez, 24, 46006 Valencia (Valencia) - Spain | View map
We, Th, Fr, Sa
70 min
100 people
6-8 performers
6-8 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

La Bulería is located in the city of Valencia not far from the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. The venue offers authentic performances for an experience which embodies the magic and charm of this ancestral part of Spanish culture. La Bulería presents flamenco shows with options for the show with tapas or different dinner menus.

The show in La Buleria is approximately one hour and ten minutes and features four to five artists. The performance includes several of the most representative styles of flamenco such as the primitive darkness of la toná and el martinete or the majestic dance of soleá. Included are the more festive rumbas and bulerías as well as the beauty of sevillanas. The show is a unique journey through the world of flamenco performed by a collection of talented performers.

La Bulería continues to be one of the most important flamenco venues in Valencia, offering a unique combination of a show with quality artists and typical Spanish gastronomy, two of the most valued treasures of Spain.


Amazing flamenco experience in Valencia. The food was delicious and the show was spectacular. We reserved a table and were lucky enough to sit right next to the stage. The entire show lasts approximately 1 hour and consists of known flamenco songs and dances. The location is dimly-lit, with fast and friendly service. The appetizers were large, the sangria was tasty, and the main courses and desserts were delicious.
It was an experience. The Flamenco performance was great, the dancers and singers were amazing and performed passionately. The food was okay but not good. The waitress was as very nice, helping and spoke perfect English. Overall, a great experience that I highly recommend.
It was a very amazing experience. The dansers and the singers performed their act very passionately. The food is also delicious. My husband doesn't eat fish, but the waitress offered immediately an alternative. Also they took attention at the note we made on the reservation, that it was my birthday that day. I had a candle on my dessert, brought by 2 happy birthday singing waitresses. The only minus point is the small space. We had VIP cards and sat at the front row. Unfortunately my husband had a great wall at his sight, but the waitress made some adjustment to the table next to us so that he also could see a lot. We recommend La Bulería very much. It's a real special experience, different from the flamenco shows at Spanish hotels.
We were looking forward to see a flamenco show in Spain and this didn’t disappoint. My husband even got emotional seeing the passion, dedication and true art of the dancers and musicians. Not a flamenco expert by any means but I believe that their dedication to their art really showed in every second of this show. The food was spectacular too! Not a tourist trap, but a quality experience 100% worth it! Note: you can only take pics and videos the first 10 min. I actually liked this rule, that way you can focus more on the show and be more present. On a personal note, I wish more shows had this rule.
Our experience at "La Buleria" was exceptional. From the moment I arrived until I left, I felt welcomed and pampered by the food and the service. The Flamenco Show was amazing, dancers, singers and the ambient atmosphere was extraordinary. I appreciate the team for putting together such a good experience. I highly recommend it!”
We had a lovely evening, it was all and more than we expected. The service was amazing, particularly Mica. Door was delicious. The show was incredible! Would recommend highly. The premium package was great value for money.
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