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El Toro y La Luna

El Toro y La Luna

4.3 (617 reviews)
4.3 (617 reviews)
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Plaça del Mestre Ripoll, 13, 46022 Valencia (Valencia) - Spain | View map
We, Th
Fr, Sa
75 min
98 people
6-7 performers
6-7 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Under the artistic direction of Pepe and Maribel, with more than half a century dedicated to the world of live entertainment all over the world. The tablao flamenco El Toro y La Luna stages an impressive interpretation within a family atmosphere and surrounded by the duende and magic that fills every corner of this small place.

Over time and with much patience, is how this art has managed to forge itself into one of the most cultivated musical styles of the world. Transporting those who attend the show to the comfort of being with the family, the program brings together the majestic songs and dances of flamenco: zambras, tangos, rumbas, sevillanas and more, to a journey through time in the form of folklore from other countries and performed by a large family of artists. The participation of the public is welcome, inviting everyone to dance with the artists so that they have a fun and different night, creating a memorable experience for everyone who comes to see the show.

With an emphasis on high-quality gastronomy and the intention of presenting a family of artists with more than 80 years of experience on stage, El Toro y La Luna tablao flamenco is the perfect place to unite two of the most precious treasures that the country has to offer: Spanish cuisine and flamenco. The venue opens its doors at 20:30 for those who wish to arrive in advance.


We had the best ever experience at Tablao Flamenco. Not only was the dinner great before the show, but it was the most authentic family-owned flamenco theatre my partner and I have ever visited. All of the performers and most of the bar staff are related and they have amazing synergy. We stayed late into the night after the show had ended talking to the performers and had the best experience so far on our extended holidays. Thank you Patricia, Senor El Maestro and the rest of the crew for an amazing night. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
This is a marvelous family run tablao flamenco business. They were so fun, lively and you could feel everyone loved what they were doing. Much more informal and friendly compared to other places that are super uptight. I truly enjoy the vibe and will certainly come back. The audience was a mix of tourists and locals but everyone was in a great spirit! Highly recommend! Mama Pepe is an amazing star!
We promised you a good review and we will , because you earned it! We had a wonderful evening with very good food and great dancers , singers and musicians. All of you were very passionate in your work , we would recommend tablao flamenco very highly!!
Delicious food, friendly staff and an amazing performance! The business seems to be family run, with the whole family getting involved in the performance, including amazing singers and wonderful dancers. Watching a whole family of talented people perform was a really unique experience. We had a great time and would definitely recommend!!!!!
Amazing experience, I had goosebumps seeing this show! We even danced with the crew, it was so much fun!
This place is kind of like a Spanish Medieval Times with Flamenco dancers. You pay for a 3 course dinner, drinks and a show. The food was comparable to any good restaurant in Spain. The place is relatively small, so the stage is very close to you. The performance was passionate and interactive. The performers ask questions and offer to dance with the guests. Towards the end of the performance, almost everyone got up and started dancing, it was like a Flamenco mosh pit.
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