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Cuevas Los Tarantos

Cuevas Los Tarantos

4.3 (1353 reviews)
4.3 (1353 reviews)
from 27.00 €
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Camino del Sacromonte, 9, 18010 Granada (Granada) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
19:00 | 21:15 | 22:30
60 min
250 people
10-12 performers
10-12 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Cuevas Los Tarantos is located within a former cave home in the Sacromonte neighborhood of Granada. Founded in 1972 by Don Jose and Dona Concepcion Martin Quesada Maya Maya, the cave was transformed into a special venue for Zambra style flamenco, typical of the region of Granada. Today the venue remains family run and now includes three different caves. The nightly flamenco shows continue to feature Zambra, the regional, family style of flamenco which at one time was reserved for gypsy weddings only. And on many nights just as the show concludes, a few lucky spectators are chosen by the dancers to get on their feet and join in the dance and celebration.

Ticket options include the flamenco show with a drink or dinner featuring traditional Granadan cuisine. The fixed price, seasonal menu includes a first and second course as well as dessert and beverage. If chosen, the option for transportation (round trip and only available for the 22:30 show) includes pickup from city center locations (direct pickup from some hotels along the route is possible) and a brief panoramic visit to the Mirador San Nicolas with wonderful views of the Alhambra. The route follows the narrow streets of the Albayzín. This former Arab quarter includes typical Carmens, private homes in Granada with terraces that overlook the Alhambra.

Over the years many important figures from city and province have performed in Las Cuevas Los Tarantos: Luis Heredia "El Polaco", Morenito de Íllora and the singer Chonchi Heredia are just a few examples. Las Cuevas "Los Tarantos" has also enjoyed spontaneous visits from artistas such as Paquito Amaya, Vitorino de Pinos, Julio Terremoto, La Porrona, La Coneja, Bienvenido Maya y Guzmán Albea. All have come to perform and enjoy a unique venue that only a city such as Granada can offer.


Not that good show, very tiny place, surely there are better places to watch Flamenco
Awful flamenco show. We saw better shows in Seville for free. The sound quailty was awful, no need for a speaker in a room this small! Sound was so loud you could barely hear the flamenco tap. The older lady in the performance was especially a let down! There was a lack of passion from the dancers and the staff generally did not feel welcoming or hospitable. This venue would only be acceptable by a tourist with no exposure to flamenco previously. Save your money and go to a different venue.
Great show and dinner was also good. Enjoyable show although a little packed into a small space.
Would recommend: - get there early and pick your seats, if you want a really close up view sit anywhere infront of the performers (on the boarded floor). You will practically be getting a private show. - there are lots of restaurants nearby so you don’t need to worry about getting the meal at the restaurant - the show has a short break in between, so approx 30 mins followed by a break and a final 30 mins
This is a small place and the dancers might just be close to you. Don't moan about uncomfortable chairs, the performers sit on ones that are the same. Instead, focus on the music and the dancing. This is much better than a theatre because it is more intimate. I have been here twice, the first time was one year ago and I loved both times. Enjoy the passion and embrace the flamenco culture.
I have attended an early show, at 7:00pm. I understand the narrow and small space. (The show is held in the cave bar) But the chairs are uncomfortable and old. I have watched 2 teams of performance. A few were good.
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Feel the flamenco

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