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Tablao La Alboreá

Tablao La Alboreá

4.8 (2752 reviews)
4.8 (2752 reviews)
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Calle Pan, 3, 18010 Granada (Granada) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
19:00 | 20:45 | 22:15
70 min
80 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Tablao La Alboreá was founded with the firm intention to offer a unique flamenco experience in the city of Granada. Located in the heart of Granada just off the famous Plaza Nueva, the location is within walking distance from almost any point in the old city center. Tablao La Alboreá offers authentic flamenco shows of approximately one hour in length and featuring four artists, many of whom have strong roots in the city of Granada.

Inside La Alboreá options include seating close to the main stage or the intimate atmosphere of the VIP section on the top floor. The acoustics of the venue allow a show without microphones or amplifiers, offering a live flamenco which is more natural and authentic. Every day the performances feature a singer, guitarist, and two dancers from a wide range of artists, many of them belonging to recognized families of Sacromonte and with a long flamenco trajectory.  The artists interpret dance, music and song which serve as a tour through the different styles of flamenco.

The rotating cast performing nightly in Tablao La Alborea includes well-known artists such as Antonio Heredia, Alicia Morales, Joni Cortés, Manuel Carmona, Rafael Fajardo, César Cubero, Conchi Maya, María Bertos, Jara Heredia, Antonia Heredia, Antonio Molina ‘Choro’, Pol Vaquero, Daniel Navarro or Juanma Carrillo, among others.

Tablao La Alboreá has fully adapted to the new sanitary protocols in terms of air purification, social distance, antibacterial gel dispensers distributed throughout the premises, cleaning and disinfection of common areas, etc. in order to guarantee the safety of its clients.


We booked our tickets well in advance and weren’t sure wether we will end up going or not because we didn’t have a great experience in a different one in Madrid in the past but this one was really really nice and we didn’t feel like one hour was too long. The dancers were amazing and you can feel their emotions. I highly recommend it. The only down side is once you sat you can’t really get up again to get to the bathroom or get something to drink because of the seating style.
Theater style venue with seats organized so that even if you are in the back you still get a good view. They also have a bar inside so you can grab a drink before the show. They have different singers and dancers every day, so you can go multiple times if you want. The show was not the best I’ve seen, but pretty good. There was a lack of connection between the members and that seems important in a show that’s so passionate.
This was my first time ever to experience the art of flamenco. Amazing singing, guitar and .. the dance which , I hope, expressed what the songs were about. (My Spanish skills aren't impressing) Very intense. For a moment the world outside was forgotten. I recommend spending an hour here. My daughter and I will gladly return when in Granada another time. Thank you.
Awesome show! So lively and passionate. All the artists were all so talented (guitar, singing, dancers). We bought tickets early online. Drinks for purchase at the venue. Show was about 1 hour. Intimate seating and easy to see stage for all seats. Great time overall :)
It was such an incredible show. I hesitated to go at the beginning, but i watched the show with nonstop goosebumps. That 1 hour will pass like 5 minutes. The dancers were so passionate and full of emotions. The singer had a great rusty voice. And the guitarist (!!) I dont know how his fingers didn't fall off. Overall it was a great experience.
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