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Tablao Flamenco La Quimera

Tablao Flamenco La Quimera

4.5 (1024 reviews)
4.5 (1024 reviews)
from 35.00 €
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Calle de Cuchilleros, 7, 28005 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
18:00 | 20:00 | 22:00
75 min
104 people
5-6 performers
5-6 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Tablao Flamenco La Quimera – Plaza Mayor is located in the center of Madrid next to the famous Plaza Mayor. A small and intimate venue, the venue is well known for its flamenco shows featuring nationally recognized artists. Ticket packages include the option of the show with a drink or dinner, featuring a wide choice of Spanish dishes. The atmosphere is one of a local bar and restaurant: a friendly, informal and relaxed setting, which is perfect for an evening of flamenco with friends or family.  

The show in Tablao Flamenco La Quimera – Plaza Mayor often begins with an introduction and vocals by Antorrin, the owner himself, a genuine Andalusian from Granada who also performs throughout Andalusia and Spain. Flamenco in this tablao is an expression of traditional songs and dances inherited from past generations of flamenco artists. No microphones or additional technical equipment are used for the voice and the guitar. Indeed, the emphasis is always put on the artists’ natural sensitivity and talents to render the experience of flamenco without affectation. This pure performance style together with the improvised nature of the show creates the perfect setting for what is called "duende".


It was the most amazing show of the Spanish heritage I’ve seen in Madrid, performed by a stunning group of professionals who introduce you to the history of Flamenco. It is definitely a must see.
A good place to enjoy a beautiful flamenco show with a drink- all for 35 euros. (You can add food and drinks). Location is great just 2 minutes away from San Miguel market and couple of minutes from El Centro.
Amazing show Food not so much
This was such an amazing experience. Definitely recommend it. We chose the dinner option and got so much good food. The oxtail was on point. The salad was refreshing and delicious and we got two sangrias with our dinner ticket. The show leaves you absolutely speechless. The passion, the talent, the amazing energy of the dancers, the singer, the guitar players. It's a must if you are in Madrid. 💃🕺
Yesterday I visited this place. It was not planned, I just was passing by and saw a lady in flamenco costume outside next to the building and it turned out that the show will start in 10 minutes so I decided to visit. What can I say about this place? It's very cozy place located in basement. The stuff is very friendly. The performance was around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Entrance fee 35 euros per person including 1 drink. I took Sangria and it was big and tasty. Performance was also amazing - 2 ladies and 1 guy were dancing and 1 lady was singing and a man was playing the guitar. I felt my self not like in a place for tourists, but as I'm visiting some family party of Spanish family.
I give them four stars ( five stars for the dancers and the hospitality, but a negative one for the incorrect duration mentioned while selling tickets). The dancers and the performers are fabulous, the restaurant staff is courteous, the sangrias - really good! The only complaint I have is with the incorrect marketing/selling strategy they use to attract customers - they promise a show of 80 minutes, while our show (on a Monday - 27 sept 2021 at 8pm) was only for 60 minutes with a 10 minute break. I think the management can do better and not lie about the duration - the dancers and the show they put on is fabulous as is and doesn’t need more than that to attract customers.
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