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Tablao Flamenco Albayzin

Tablao Flamenco Albayzin

4.4 (526 reviews)
4.4 (526 reviews)
from 23.00 €
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Carretera de Murcia s/n, 18010 Granada (Granada) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
19:00 | 21:30
65 min
300 people
5-7 performers
5-7 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Tablao Flamenco Albayzin was founded in 1971 under the name of Tablao Reina Mora and since then it has been offering the best flamenco shows to visitors to Granada day after day. "El Parranda" was the architect of everything, in charge of taking the first steps so that people could enjoy the art that is flamenco, and he did it with fantastic artists of the time such as “Fosforito” and Juanito Valderrama.

In 2001 the venue was renamed Tablao Flamenco Albayzin and reopened with dancer Juan de Juan. Since then it has been considered as a springboard for new talents, such as Fuensanta La Moneta, Patricia Guerrero, David Carmona, Alfredo Tejada and Ismael El Bola. The venue is still a flamenco tablao and in continuous movement, always finding new artists to add to the program and continually refreshing flamenco on stage.

Enjoy the finest flamenco show located in the Mirador de San Cristóbal, in the Albayzin neighborhood declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Where spectacle and art meet on the stage every night.


Excellent show, excellent performers! I recommend it!
Amazing dancers - highly recommend. There is room for improvement in the service; do not expect too much on the drinks or the services from the waiters..just go for the show. Show was 💯💯💯
That Walter's conduct was wholly inappropriate and unacceptable. A lack of respect and professionalism is evident when someone is pushed out abruptly, especially when they were just trying to get me a glass of water and i offer toy pay if i have to , he refused and say no. Customer satisfaction and treating people with dignity should be given top priority by service providers. They all wanted me out of there, despite my request for the manager, and I even tried to explain how Walter treated me, but they never seemed to care, so I left. However, someone did come out and show me how to use the tap water, which I appreciated but he wasn't very nice either. Walter's actions should be addressed in order to ensure everyone's safety and well-being, so the location of the Flamingo concert should be made aware of them. Walter's behavior received a very low rating from me in terms of a review. In addition to negatively impacting customer satisfaction, his physical aggression and refusal to provide water also reflect poorly on the establishment he represents. The significance of treating customers with respect and attending to their needs politely must be understood by people like Walter. Although I once served in Walter's position, I never treated anyone in such a manner. I don't recommend this place
If you want to experience real flamenco the authentic culture. That's the best place to be.
My wife and I plus our two teenagers visited in February 23 and were not disappointed. The show was fabulous and well worth the money. There is a bus stop literally outside the door plus a car park over the road 2 mins away. You also get fabulous views over Albaicin outside the venue.
Overall, disappointing and unpleasant experience. To begin with, we bought x2 tickets for the flamenco show + drinks with Groupon, for a total price of 29.90 €. We reserved the spots via phone and email directly with the owner of the structure. We arrived 40min before the show, so to ensure to have dinner and to find a nice frontal spot. As we arrived, the owner informed us to have cancelled Groupon this morning (why? And why didn't inform us before, having our phone and email?). He thus expected us to get tickets from him, for a total of 36 € and not drink. Eventually he did agree to include 2 drinks. We were the first costumers, so we got the best spots in the front. Sadly, they told us to move as a big group was arriving and would sit there (unfair!). We waited, waited, and waited to be able to order the drinks and the food. They ignored us for a while, and then asked us to wait so to serve the just-arrived big group first (unfair, again!). Despite in the website we had read about the tapas menu, they only had available ham and cheese. We had hoped to get some warm food, but out of options and very hungry we thus ordered that, specifically asking for bread (at least two to three times). Eventually the food arrived (the show had already started for quite a while). No bread was served, only a small plastic package with a few crackers (sort of crackers). We repeatedly asked for bread once again, but got told to wait, and eventually remained ignored for a long while. At this point we started getting annoyed of this bad, unfair service (its our last day in Granada, and we were looking forward to create a nice, enjoyable last memory). Hopeless and frustrated, we returned the untouched ham, explaining we cant eat all of that ham without a bread support. Yet, we kept the cheese and crackers not to create too much hassle (neither of us was even hungry anymore: we had lost our appetite out of this unpleasant situation). After another half hour (the show was 10min from the end) they came to us with the same ham plate and.. surprise surprise... some bread. At that point was ways too late to eat (22.20). We decided to leave before the show was over, because of the bad vibes and tensions. We left +10€ on the table for the 5/6 little pieces of cheese (ways too much money for that, but we thought this would avoid possible arguments). It wasn't the case. The owner started to be very rude and unfriendly, threatening to call the police for not paying the untouched ham. We were actually fine with him calling the police: it looked like a bad joke from the beginning. My mom is 85% disable, with stomach diseases, which means she can get sick if she doesn't eat proper food at reasonable meal times; they didn't bring us what we asked for, and let it all be sooo long and late, plus the groupon scam. No problem to share this bad experience with the police. Finally, he didn't go through with calling the police, and violently pushed me away, shouting to leave. Luckily, he didn't push my mom (probably just because she yelled to him not to dare to touch her). This was our evening experience. Watch out for the place. Don't trust getting there with groupon. Space very small, nevertheless they accept > 100 people. Small chairs, very uncomfortable. Beside the bad service, the dancers were good (the singer had quite bad voice to be honest).
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Feel the flamenco

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