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Tablao El Arenal

Tablao El Arenal

4.5 (1312 reviews)
4.5 (1312 reviews)
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Calle Rodo, 7, 41001 Seville (Seville) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
19:00 | 21:30
60 min
110 people
10 performers
10 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Tablao El Arenal takes its name from the Arenal neighborhood in Seville between the Cathedral and the Guadalquivir river. The central location, just a few blocks from the Maestranza bullring, is within a typical 17th century Andalusian building which has been transformed into an intimate performance space in the style of the traditional tablaos. The venue has a capacity for up 110 guests and Tablao El Arenal holds two nightly performances which last approximately 60 minutes and feature some of Seville's best flamenco.

Founded over 25 years ago, several of the regular artists have won national and international dance awards. Tablao El Arenal has also been designated as the best flamenco show in Seville by the New York Times. The performance consists of seventeen different artists who cover a variety of the flamenco palos (styles), always with the dedication to offer a pure and authentic show. The performers’ inspiration comes from Curro Velez, former dancer as well as founder and owner of the tablao, who once said "I was born in Triana and I am a gypsy. What I present is truly authentic; the wealth of popular Andalusian flamenco culture that has taken on a universal dimension through those who share my blood".

The decoration and atmosphere in the main dining room is pure Andalusian. Several antique prints and flamenco posters line the walls, featuring themes typical of Seville such as the April Fair. Seating is around three quarters of the stage.  As a smaller venue Tablao El Arenal offers a good view from any location in the room.


Fantastic show but I’d skip the optional meal as it wasn’t all that. All the sauces were from packets and nothing was good. The service was rushed, as soon as u had finished one they could not wait to give you the next. We booked the whole package/inc food at €60+per person. Only got one free glass of wine ( said a bottle ) so had to pay for extra wine/drinks. The actual show was excellent, just a shame the dining side wasn’t.
The performance was great! Would definitely recommend. Our tapas dinner experience was booked for 8:30. I assumed the dinner and show would be in parallel but FYI they serve dinner first and then the show starts an hour later and runs for 75 minutes so you finish around 10:45. Food was average but service was hospitable and the sangria was great! Show was wonderful- the room isn’t huge so there were only about 40-50 tourists which made the experience feel more intimate. Dancers and singers were very talented.
Show was amazing. Talented group of performers. What I enjoyed the most, was that despite what I'm sure was their 10000th performance, they appeared to still be enjoying themselves on stage...and that carried over to the audience! No pics allowed!
The place propose an authentic flamenco show that was honestly impressive. We could feel the emotions through the danse. The food served was pretty tasty. The chairs are quite bad for the back. And we are a bit disappointed that the show was barely 1hour.
Our second flamenco show in Southern Spain, our first in Seville. When I checked into my hotel and asked them to recommend a flamenco show they quickly booked us a front row table at the Tablao el Arenal. I arrived a few minutes early and spoke to the hostess to make sure we had the table reserved and to ask if I could photograph the show as I did the previous show in Jerez. Sadly, and I feel to their detriment, they do not allow photos or video during the show. I respected that decision and asked if I could take a few photos before the show. That is what you will see in this review. The room was large and the tables nicely set. The staff were formally dressed and the stage larger than the other show I saw. That show was more intimate in a small tavern. The show included a drink and some tapas. I was actually surprised at the number of dishes we got. The food was very good and the servers pleasant and polite. The show itself was excellent. As I said earlier, the no photo policy is a big negative for several reasons. One being that if you are on vacation and see such a great show you have no image memories to take back with you. You might as well see a flamenco show on TV. The other reason is that I think if people were to post their experience online with photos, they would get more people wanting to come. Seville has many other flamenco shows so there is certainly competition. The reason given for not allowing photos or video was to “protect’ the performers rights. These are not famous world class performers whose images and videos of their performances would damage their careers. In fact, I believe it would increase their exposure and their careers. So, if you don’t care to have a photographic memory of your experience it’s a good show to see.
As many chances to take photos of the exquisite flamenco are forbidden, all I can offer is this: If you're looking for a taste of Spanish music and dance, then you owe it to yourself to catch an authentic flamenco show. The precision, sensuality, intensity, and craft involved are absolutely amazing. It's a spectacle accompanied by delicious food, drink, and service.
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