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Taberna Doble de Cepa

Taberna Doble de Cepa

4.3 (1386 reviews)
4.3 (1386 reviews)
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Calle Martínez Rucker, 9, 14003 Córdoba (Córdoba) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Su
Fr, Sa
14:30 | 21:00 | 22:00
14:30 | 22:00
45 min
50 people
3 performers
3 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Taberna Doble de Cepa is located in the Judería quarter of Cordoba close to the Mezquita. Discover the art of flamenco dance and song in the famous Calleja del Pañuelo. The venue offers two performances a day, with ticket options for the show with a drink, as well as a lunch or dinner menu.

In Taberna Doble de Cepa customers can enjoy traditional cuisine with a menu featuring typical dishes of Cordoba cuisine, such as salmorejo, oxtail, flamenquín and pastel cordobés. The restaurant spans two floors and includes a central air-conditioned patio where the flamenco shows are performed.


I stumbled onto this gem in Cordoba!! Unforgettable flamenco show in a small group setting. My wife and I were planning to find a good flamenco somewhere, and this was it!!! There are two shows: 2:30 pm and 10 pm. Reserve one, there's no cover charge if you eat there. It's a steal considering the cover charges were around $50 per person in Barcelona and Madrid. The dinner costs $50 (48 euros) for two.
great atmosphere with the flamenco band! i went around in cordoba to 3 other bands and this was the best and most genuine! Singer and guitarist are great so is the female dancer
Cordoba was the big city on our vacation and here we got the chance to see Flamenco, it was hard to find a place with the least tourist spirit. We liked the food it is not expensive and the service was very fine and discrete so they could do service at all time. Flamenco was original introduced by the romas of Andalusia with a strict sense of dance and music based on the spanish gitano. The two guys dressed in t-shirts and a girl I a traditional dress, they looked a bit laid back as most Spains does and I love them for that. They started slow and when the dancer started we was experience a very tight and strict act - with music, dance and steps to perfection. We bought a DVD from the musicians to support their effort. Thank you:-)
The Flamenco spectacle was amazing. Really great singer, guitarist, and flamenco dancer trio - real professionals with duende. We also had great food. Tuna plate amazing. Overall very good value for what you receive, I would go again next time in Córdoba.
Incredible flamenco show and the food was excelente. I would recommend the Rabo. A great way to see flamenco and get a great taste of Andalusian food at the same time.
Delicious dinner, nice environment, and an absolutely amazing flamenco show- all at a reasonable price. The dancer, singer, were all top notch. Highly recommend it!
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