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Museo del Baile Flamenco

Museo del Baile Flamenco

4.4 (3956 reviews)
4.4 (3956 reviews)
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Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3, 41004 Seville (Seville) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
17:00 | 19:00 | 20:45
60 min
100 people
6 performers
6 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

The Museo del Baile Flamenco (Museum of Flamenco Dance) in Seville is an impressive venue for some of Seville’s best flamenco. Located in the Santa Cruz quarter and just a few steps from the Plaza Alfalfa, the museum offers daily flamenco performances with the "Patio Flamenco" show. The central patio of the museum has been specially designed to stage performances for a small number of spectators. Under the direction of Cristina Hoyos, the museum shows of course attract some of the best talent in Seville and Spain.

Equally impressive is the Flamenco Museum itself, perhaps one of the most technologically advanced museums in Spain. Interactive exhibits show the origins and evolution of flamenco, covering the various styles of music and dance. Music, video and costume displays are some of the best in any museum. The Museum also offers a wide variety of exhibits and workshops such as flamenco focused exhibits that include paintings, drawings and photography. Dance and percussion classes are a sampling of the possible workshops offered in the museum. It is also possible to arrange a wide variety of private shows and functions for groups. Highly recommend is a visit to the museum followed by the flamenco performance.

The museum has become a place of reference for good flamenco in Seville. After a brief introduction the one hour "Patio Flamenco" show demonstrates the museum's dedication to bringing its visitors an authentic and unique flamenco show. The performance is held in the patio of the historic building with a cast of artists that changes every day. One day the show may feature Alegrias, another may be a solemn Seguiriya, Solea por Bulerías, a tragic Taranto, emotional Tangos or another style of flamenco.

Visits to the museum can be made at any time of the day from the time stipulated on your ticket, always from 11:00 to 18:00 (Last entry at 18:00), except on the first Monday of each month when the museum will open at 16:00.

The Museo del Baile Flamenco´s VIP show, "Flamenco Premium VIP", takes place under the historic vaulted arch with roman architecture. For more information and reservations you can consult the following page:


The museum is good to as an introduction to the Flamenco, to learn the origin, to understand the different styles, but all these information are simply written, so it’s lot of texts. Some screens doesn’t work properly (freeze). The 2nd floor is pretty small. The best part is the Flamenco show , a one hour experience to see experienced artists. If you want to seat in front row come at least 35/45mins before the show start.
I feel robbed. This was honestly one of the worst museums I have been to and cost so much money. You can learn more about flamenco going to one of the local bars and watching an amazing performance (or simply by going to Wikipedia). The highlights were broken screens and seeing the flamenco museum office, which were located in the main exhibition space… Do not waste your time!
This place is amazing: the great dancer Cristina Hoyos founded the museum and set the exceptional flamenco shows , or tablao. The audience is small,comfortably seated around the stage in a lovely patio: we had the privilege of seeing 3 dancers and 3 musicians perform specific dances there. No commercial cheap tricks,the real professional genius of flamenco performers. Book ahead, arrive early!
Absolutely amazing show. Loved every minute. All the artists, from the dancers, to the singers, to the guitarist were so talented and performed with so much soul and passion. Loved the energy between them, and how they motivated and cheered each other on. Intimate setting, there must've been 80-100 seats max, and 6 artists. No photos or filming allowed. 120% recommend! I suggest going a bit early to grab a good seat. We were 25 min early and the seats were already half full - luckily the front rows were still available (I think the people who arrived even earlier chose seats in the second and third rows for fear it'd be too close to the stage in the front row, like in the cinema. Honestly though, front row was perfect).
We took in a Flamenco show in the late afternoon on a Sunday. The show itself was very good - there was a lot of passion in the performance (so much so I worried for the older dancer's heart at one point). The rather jolly singing gent was great, if rather hoarse by the end! The highlights included wonderful dances with castanets and sporadic exclamations of 'Ole!'. We sat for an hour, which is all my spine could take on the odd plastic chairs. I also sat between many Germans, which enhanced my experience somewhat.
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