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Las Tablas

Las Tablas

4.7 (1519 reviews)
4.7 (1519 reviews)
from 38.00 €
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Plaza de España, 9, 28013 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
19:00 | 21:30
60 min
85 people
6-7 performers
6-7 performers
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible

About the Show

Located on the corner of the Plaza de España in Madrid, Las Tablas hosts live, nightly flamenco performances. Founded in 2003, las Tablas has been carefully designed and directed Marisol Navarro and Antonia Moya, well known in the Spanish flamenco and arts circuit. Their vision and planning led to a unique venue, with a sizeable stage of 25 square meters and excellent acoustics. The establishment includes a bar with ample seating as well as benches and dining tables. The layout features different levels to give the best possible view from almost any viewpoint. The modern interior offers a distinct contrast to some of the older, more traditional settings for flamenco shows.

The performances are anywhere from 6 to 7 artists per show, and the rotating bill includes different performers on most every night. The Flamenco Shows are held at 19:00 and 21:00 and the services include a complete menu of tapas, full bar service and a fairly extensive and excellent wine list.

The owners have a strong dedication to the local and national flamenco scene and often include special flamenco themed nights outside of only the music, such as a film screening followed with a discussion group. The performances can vary from traditional to more contemporary versions of flamenco, depending on the artists each night. Las Tablas was designed to be a creative space, and at times feature flamenco fusion, jazz and blues artists. Special events dedicated to the local arts, such as a children's theatre program, make Las Tablas a truly unique venue for flamenco and the arts in the city of Madrid.


Fabulous dancing!! The performance was amazing. Great food, too.
The sterling reputation of Las Tablas is truly well deserved. Outstanding performance. Every detail exudes mastery of the genre. We shall return.
We enjoyed a very beautifull show with Lots of Energy! Familiar but intense! My daughter opinion: 10 out of 10 Benjamin
Amazing show! The performers were outstanding and very engaged also with the crowd and each other each other! Great atmosphere I definitely recommend if you’re in town check it out!
It was wonderful. We felt like they let us so we could learn their culture. Everyone was extremely talented. The guitarist was unbelievable! It was small and intimate. No one was too far from the stage. Get there early it's hard to find.
This show was absolutely unbelievable. We did the hour long show from 7-8 PM. Authentic experience with a drink included. Very chill and lowkey space, not super touristy or crowded. The performers had amazing enthusiasm and it felt like it told a story. There were five performers, two singers, a guitarist, and two dancers. Everyone was absolutely excellent I cannot recommend this place enough for someone looking for a unique flamenco experience in Madrid.
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