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4.8 (193 reviews)
4.8 (193 reviews)
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Calle Muro de Puerta Nueva, 10, 29005 Málaga (Málaga) - Spain | View map
Th, Fr, Sa, Su
90 min
80 people
4 performers
4 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Kelipe is located in the charming historic city center of Malaga, very close to the Thyssen Museum and the famous Constitution Square.  The objective of Kelipé is to share an authentic flamenco experience with the public.

Kelipe holds shows in a very intimate, seemingly simple but emotionally charged atmosphere. They recitals feature four artists, where the viewer can clearly observe the technical and expressive components, enjoying a great experience with all of the detailed intricacies on stage. The viewer in Kelipe is fully aware of being in an intimate and familiar place due to the sympathy and affection with which Kelipé treats their customers. as well  as the passion and great technical and interpretive quality of its artists.

Kelipe as a flamenco cultural center an idea is a way of being, reflecting a lifetime of dedication and commitment to flamenco. Run by a family of artists with a deep history, a unique story, and exceptional talent on stage, this dedication is transmitted from the first chord. Kelipe serves as a space for dialogue about the art of flamenco. This is seen in its teaching activities, especially focused on increasing the public understanding of flamenco. A public which, thanks to centers like Kelipe, come away with a better understanding of the history of flamenco and the purity of this art form.


Fantastic experience! Such a talent and passion felt in every minute. Warm welcome. As seats are not numbered you are seated according to sequence of the arrival. Glass of wine or soft drink included.
So, here the review. 20th of July 2023, we went to this flamenco show. First, a small disclaimer - I am not exactly sure whether they have always the same people on - for us it was Antonio, Asucar, Jose, and Susanna. Expectations were moderately high after reading some previous reviews. I personally had almost no prior knowledge of flamenco, apart from being a traditional dance and song practice associated with gitanos. My companion, an ardent dancer, was also in the dark, So, initial uncertainty with regard to the theatrics. And then... no cliché of the type ´knocked our socks off´ could do any justice to the performace these four delivered. What would stay with me for the rest of my post-flamenco initiation life, however, was not the mesmerizing music and dance, but rather the passion of the group. A hackneyd word, used in all sorts of relentless, incoherent, and heart-wrenching marketing outpourings - your bank serves you with passion, the pan and utensils producer is passionate about food, etc., etc. We are all passionate to perform, deliver surplus, figure on the spreadsheets. Well, let me tell you something: Antonio, Asucar, Jose and Susanna were in fact passionate. It is almost like a bad joke about stereotypes, Andalusia, Gitanos and Spaniards. Those four did something rare - without any strings and safety, performing in front of a small, quasi-illiterate crowd (mostly tourists and, as previously noted, without previous knowledge of flamenco), those four not simply performed with heart and soul, they delivered all on the small stage. They served us heart and soul on a platter and we were in awe. This was one of the most life-afmirming experiences in my life (with my clothes on) - to see and feel sometimes their insecurity, to notice small technical imperfections, and to realize that all these are meager, fleeting shadows, overwhelmed completely by courage and zeal, washed in the light of human passion and aspiration. Man, could I cry and laugh, and talk about them throughout the evening (and the following evenings). And then cry again. Well, as far as reviews go - I can only recommend this show. We tried another one in Malaga, and we repeatedly told ourselves that there is not point in comparing the two... I know that I would now learn more about flamenco and want to see those four again. I hope my children can also see them.
Absolutely STUNNING!!!! So much power & feeling & more than I can express with words. Such TALENT. From the guitarist to the singers and the AMAZING SUSANA the dancer. An ABSOLUTE JEWEL in the center of Malaga. TOTALLY RECOMMEND ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I've watched a Flamenco performance many times so I have a comparison. This one was very good. I recommend this place.
Fantastic guitar playing, dancing, singing and percussions. The entire show was in Spanish which made it hard for us to understand the story but you can feel the emotions. Obviously doing it in English would ruin the authenticity.
From the warm welcome from the host (who turned out to be the guitarist!) to the stunning performance by Susana and the singers it was a perfect night. Although the majority (but not all) of the audience were tourists this is not a tourist trap, it's an intimate and moving place to experience a powerful artistic tradition. Highly recommended.
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