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Flamenco Pasión

Flamenco Pasión

4.5 (117 reviews)
4.5 (117 reviews)
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Calle las Damas, 1 (Sala Timanfaya), 38400 Puerto de la Cruz (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) - Spain | View map
75 min
129 people
5 performers
5 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Flamenco Pasión is a concert series featuring Spanish classical dance and flamenco. The performance directed by Eva María Rodríguez is "Valores", a show full of elegance, intensity and roots. Through a cast of five artists, the public will enjoy a journey of different forms of live dance, avant-garde and sophisticated, until reaching the roots of flamenco where guitar and vocals, together with the rhythm of palmas (hand clapping) and the dancer’s shoes are the true protagonists.

The show takes place in the famous Sala Timanfaya, a former movie theater now converted to a cultural space in which sound, lights and a magical atmosphere accompany the artists as they perform. The result is a unique experience full of emotion, energy and tradition in an hour-long show that excites and expresses the different facets of this mythical art.


Flamenco show was amazing, very talented artists and lovely dresses! Both music and dancers were above expectations. Bravo! I definitely recommend. 💃💃💃
Flamenco Show was an amazing experience for us , not only for the musicianship, the costumes but for the passion put into the performance, beautiful theatre and a warm welcome from staff 😁10 out 10
I came to see the flamenco show, it was very energetic and lovely to watch. The team that runs this are no less than great. Well done keep up the good work.
The flamingco show was amazing. The male dancer was brilliant with the tap dancing and the girls with the costume changes was so beautiful. This was a great show and I would 100% go again.
I have been used for years to attend flamenco shows in Spanish tablaos and to attend end-of-course shows in Milan's flamenco schools. I'm sorry to say that this show has a very low standard, and that it is probably good for those tourists who don't even remotely know what flamenco is.
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Feel the flamenco

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