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Flamenco La Linterna

Flamenco La Linterna

4.4 (129 reviews)
4.4 (129 reviews)
from 22.00 €
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Carrer de la Llanterna, 11, 46001 Valencia (Valencia) - Spain | View map
Fr, Sa
19:00 | 19:30
60 min | 70 min
50 people
4-5 performers
4-5 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Flamenco La Linterna offers flamenco shows in the heart of the city center of Valencia. Enjoy an authentic flamenco experience accompanied with a drink in one of the most emblematic streets of the city.

The performance in Flamenco La Linterna lasts one hour and includes dance, song, guitar and percussion at the hands of three to four artists. The show is a journey through the most important flamenco styles such as bulerías, soleas, alegrías and more. The programming changes frequently with different artists from Valencia, Jerez, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.


The skill and intensity of the performers is astonishingly good. That is for both the dancers, musicians and singers. It's an hour-long show and we, including three young kids, were captivated the entire time. The venue was 'cosy' but the crowd numbers are limited so you benefit from having great atmosphere but also visibility of the entire stage.
I didn't have any food, went for the flamenco shoe, and it was really good!
I went to a flamenco show. I booked my ticket in advance and it was well organized. Nice small venue with good view on the stage. The artists were amazing! Good musicians and very good dancers! I really enjoyed it!
Our friends gifted us a Flamenco Night here for New Year, and our tickets were for 19th January. The atmosphere is very cosy, the staff is very friendly. The choice of beverage which cones with the ticket is quite rich. No words to de the show... It was magic...
This was an amazing flamenco show! You could feel and see the passion from the performers, who were incredibly talented. It actually made me emotional. Great value for money and should not be missed!! The bar is a cute and cosy old place and loved the vibe.
Magic show. We were very well placed arriving a little early. The dancers and the musicians have an excellent level. Very good value for money for this show. Go for it!
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Feel the flamenco

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