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Tablao Flamenco La Canastera Almería

Tablao Flamenco La Canastera Almería

4.7 (150 reviews)
4.7 (150 reviews)
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Calle Cordoneros, 5, 04002 Almería (Almería) - Spain | View map
60 min
50 people
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
Venue: not accessible | Bathrooms: not accessible
4 performers
4 performers

About the Show

Tablao Flamenco La Canastera Almeria is located in the heart of the old neighborhood of "La Chanca Pescadería", between the fishing and cruise ship ports. This area has long been known for its love of flamenco. There, between the nets and the small boats, a pure and living art was born, and "La Canastera" brings it to the stage with respect and affection.

The artists in Tablao Flamenco La Canastera Almeria are renowned dancers, singers and guitarists, as well as young and upcoming talents. In this intimate and original venue, a warm, familiar and passionate atmosphere has been created. The performers of the tablao preserve the traditions of flamenco, a key to the deepest emotions, and convey these same emotions to the audience.

In Tablao Flamenco La Canastera Almeria, the focus is on a live show up close and personal. The intense experience is completed with a glass of wine or beer to combat the heat of the flamenco experience, whilst the show moves the soul in the dim light of the stage.


What a hidden gem! Had a wonderful time at this show, exactly what I was hoping for. The flamenco dancing was beautiful, passionate and expressive. The musical artists were excellent. I will definitely go again. Thank you so much for sharing your love for flamenco with us.
The venue was intimate and authentic. The music was fabulous, the dancing was absolutely magical. The service was excellent and we cannot wait to go back!!!!💃
The show was very good. Nice guitar, the little boy with his great voice and the dancers. We especially enjoyed small room, very intimate, but not too close. Thank you for a great evening!
Fantastic show!! Very immersive and beautiful performance, would highly recommend for anyone who is interested in watching a traditional flamenco dance with amazing guitar and singing that really moves you.
Although the location was a bit sketchy, i quite liked the setting and atmosphere. Friendly and attentive staff despite the lack of options in their menu. FANTASTIC flamenco show full of passion and emotion.
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