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Museo Flamenco Premium

Museo Flamenco Premium

4.5 (4218 reviews)
4.5 (4218 reviews)
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Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3, 41004 Seville (Seville) - Spain | View map
60 min
40 people
6 performers
6 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

The ancient vault of the Museum of Flamenco Dance is an ideal place to enjoy the Premium show "Espectáculo Poemas Flamencos (VIP)". The walls of the XII century, whose stones keep the centenary memories, create a unique environment to enjoy this Andalusian art. This is the only vaulted arch in Seville where a flamenco show is offered supported by impressive acoustics that allows a performance of "a capella" singing and music.

The show takes place in a very intimate atmosphere, since the small performance space only has room for two rows of seats. This makes it possible to enjoy the art of flamenco with greater proximity to the artists. Such closeness provokes very intense emotions in the musicians and dancers, which touch the hearts of the audience.

The Premium show "Espectáculo Poemas Flamencos (VIP)" allows you to hear the breathing of the artists and the rustle of the batas de cola and magnificent shawls, as well as the powerful rhythm of castanets and the rhythm of the dancer’s shoes. The most authentic flamenco art in its incomparable splendor in a place like no other, to feel the full range of emotions through the range of flamenco styles. The show includes a welcome drink before the show begins.

The Flamenco Museum in the same building is also very impressive and is perhaps one of the most modern museums in Spain. The origins and evolution of flamenco, with different styles of music and dance, is shown with interactive exhibits. The music, videos and costumes presented for illustration are extraordinary. In addition, the museum also offers various workshops and exhibitions with paintings, photographs and drawings. One of the available workshops in the museum is, for example, introductory flamenco dance lessons.


I went to the Flamenco Dance Museum this evening 💃 followed by their 19:00 Flamenco performance 💃 and it was one of my favorite things I did in Seville. Met a fellow solo traveler from the Netherlands as well 🇳🇱 which was cool 🤙 I highly, highly, highly recommend coming here if you're in Seville, both to the museum and going to one of their performances 💃 This place is genuinely special 👌
You can buy a combined ticket for the museum and for the show. The show was truly great - live music and live singing together with amazing flamenco dancers! The museum is about the history and different styles of flamenco dance. If you are not too much into history, I really recommend the show - it was amazing, normally the shows are sold out quickly so better book couple of days in advance
We bought joint tickets for museum and the show. If doing again I would only do the show, as found it spectacular whereas the museum was less my learning style. The museum is five rooms, four of which are TV and one has costumes. There are no signs, and though great for those liking to learn by video we didn’t come away any more knowledgeable about flamenco than when we went in, though in fairness we only spent about 10 minutes as I am more reading than video oriented. Also note if you go when another show is underway it can be pretty loud in some parts of the museum. The show was phenomenal. It included three dancers, a guitarist, and two singers - and all were spectacular performers for the 55 minute show. We felt the older audience perhaps didn't appreciate it as much, but the footwork, musicality, and performances were great. If you care about which seats you get for the flamenco show (as first come first serve) I would recommend getting to the show 30-45 minutes early as our 19;00 Sunday show had the doors open 45 minute before (when we arrived as already at the museum), 30 minutes before starting about 20 seats were marked as reserved and 20-30 others now seated (not quite half full). Almost all seats were taken by 15-20 minutes before starting, and a full house by 10 minutes before. We found the best seats to be in the front row corner(or perhaps on the sides) as you can see everything and the footwork without needing to move your neck back and forth (as would if in the centre). They had a bar if wanting to arrive early and have a drink. It was o wine and decent sangria at a reasonable price. Toilets are clean. There is also a gift shop with a few interesting souvenirs available.
Watched the show on Monday 25 September. It was very professional, captivating, and very enjoyable. We went to see another show two days later in another place (memory house) and it wasn't even close to the magnificent performance of the Dance Museum. The trick is that the shows and performers may differ from day to day, but I believe that the Flamenco Dance Museum should maintain overall high standards, and I therefore definitely recommend seeing the show here.
I booked this show because I saw it online as one of the top things to do in Seville. My expectations were not high enough for the amazing show we witnessed. I cannot recommend this show enough. It was lovely to get to learn about the Spanish culture through Maria, Rocio, Ramon, the singers and the guitarist.
A highlight on my holiday to Seville. Managed to watch a show in the small space and it was electrifying. Pure power from all the performers. The dancers oozed talent and had us hooked. The singers kept the show going with their melodic voices and complimenting the dancers was an acoustic guitar. The small space adds to its charm.
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