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Essential Flamenco

Essential Flamenco

4.7 (1114 reviews)
4.7 (1114 reviews)
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Calle de la Cruz, 26, 28012 Madrid (Madrid) - Spain | View map
Mo, Tu, We, Th
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19:30 | 21:00
18:00 | 19:30 | 21:00
60 min
60 people
6 performers
6 performers
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible
Venue: accessible | Bathrooms: accessible

About the Show

Essential Flamenco is held in Sala Torero in La Calle de la Cruz in Madrid, just a few minutes from the Puerta del Sol and the famous Plaza Mayor. The venue holds nightly flamenco shows and the performances - featuring flamenco dance, singing, guitar and percussion - give the spectator an authentic show at a reasonable price. The production lasts 60 minutes and is directed by the renowned dancer La Mistela, who has received the National Flamenco Award.

Essential Flamenco takes the viewer on a journey to the roots of flamenco: from its inception, flamenco has flourished in intimate settings. Artists danced and sang before a small group of friends without any amplification or microphones. The spots were often cellars and caves made from bricks, which offered excellent natural acoustics. It is in this spirit that La Mistela has created  authentic and genuine show consisiting of two dancers, a singer, guitarist, violinist and percussionist.

La Mistela is a well known dancer who was once received the highest compliment from el Farruco (another famous dancer) when he said "You are like mistela (a typical sweet wine from Andalucia), sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, but always with feeling and emotion". Honored with the National Critics Flamenco Award, La Mistela has performed in Tokyo, Paris, Rome and Seville. He served as the principal dancer in the production of Carmen with Salvador Távora as well as El Amor Brujo, with Mario Maya. His artistic direction of the show ensures a quality performance. The cast consists of Juan El Mistela and Rocío Martín González (dancers), Miguel El Rubio (singer) Camarón de Pitita (guitar), Fernando García Rico (violin) and Lucky Losada (percussion).

The two stages are protected by methacrylate screens and there are air extractors which constantly renew the air in the venue.


An amazing evening. The venue is very intimate, only three rows of chairs and then the stage. It was fascinating to hear the history of flamenco in Spain (a short talk before the performance). The atmosphere was incredible as were the performers. Cannot recommend this highly enough.
I was totally moved by their production on 10/05/23. I watched another flamenco the following night to make a comparison and that one also described themselves as small crowd and intimate but it was 3x bigger. It was the Essential Flamenco that provided a real initimate performance. There was a brief history prior to the show which always helps. Small crowd, the sound was pure from underground, or how they described it, vaulted brick cellar. It’s true, no loud speakers/amplification. It felt personal and exclusive. The male performers also dressed effortlessly smart. No people eating, whispering, waiters serving drinks throughout the show, which the other flamenco had. The experience was just completely different. Now i understand when they say authentic like how it was 100years ago. Just flamenco! I am back in Madrid in July with my husband and I will take him to the Essential Flamenco ONLY for a true authentic experience. Thank you so much!
A brilliant Flamenco experience in a wonderful underground cave theatre. We booked via Airbnb. When you book the experience you're greeted with a drink, then taken downstairs to your seats. You are treated to a variety of performances over a 90 minute show. Firstly the history of Flamenco is explained to you. Really interesting. Then the show begins with male and female dancers and singers, accompanied by Cajon and Spanish Guitar playing. You are allowed to take photos, and we got front row seats so I took a few on my phone that capture the emotion and movement. You get some solos from the musicians as part of the show. I'd highly recommend this show as it really conveys the emotion of the art of Flamenco.
I've never seen live Flamenco before, so this was the perfect place to have an introduction. The staff gives a brief history of Flamenco (with a map!), which goes very quickly. Then, the performance begins. It is about an hour of the actual performance. The room seats probably 40 people and there's not really a bad seat. The entertainers are all very good, from what I could tell being a novice. They all preform together and separately as well. It was so good that we will probably go here again when we're next in Madrid.
Great performance, and very intimate setting. Not a bad seat in the house. Definitely recommend checking out this show and venue. The venue alone is great and unique. Drink included with the performance, and no attempt (or even ability) to upsell you on dinner. Plenty of great dinner options around here to try instead. Also, good explanation before the show on Flamenco history in both Spanish and English (speaker was very fluent in both).
My husband and I visited in February 2023. This was a great introduction to Flamenco. Upon arrival, guests are invited to enjoy an included beverage in a pretty sitting room. When they were ready to start, everyone was ushered downstairs to an intimate performance space. I don't think there are any bad seats in the house, but we sat in the front row because I'm short and I wanted to be able to watch the dancers' feet. The performance includes a short introduction to the history of Flamenco (really interesting!) that was conducted in English and Spanish. The performers were really great. There were about 7 unique acts that showcased different aspects of Flamenco. I highly recommend this experience!
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